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"Why what Happens in Cyprus Does NOT Stay in Cyprus" LINK TO JANUARY SHOW-- 3.22.2013 on The ...

ODamoo: from Truth there Is NO escape nowhere nohow noway, for God Is All and rest rests but to fall into the nothing that they was, ashes to ashes dust to dust

ODamoo: understand me right I am not trying to proof anything but merely point out some curious connections. what will happen I Dont Know and I dont even care for I will see it when it comes and There I Stand. Bin Saying from the day I was born, what will you people into my life you think you can put you will upon me you will be proven wrong and you will pay dearly, nomatter what's your believes,wealth,powers,gods, I DONT CARE. God gave Me Truth and this I Will bring back to Him, All For God. els is not

ODamoo: The banking ilite work for powers beyond them still, the elite are one big group of people(beings) they all follow orders and the banking elite are not there rulers, people keep refering to satan or lucifer, if they be they are behind them but who in essence are they working for even without knowing most probably, all will collaps forsure only the Truth of God can hold anything into Life or let it fall into hell. All people are vessel of what they believe in, for or with, from Thuth Is NO escape

paul morris: she is but a vassal of the Illuminati as is the Queen of UK - the real power is held by the global banking elite Illuminati

ODamoo: I percieve that it is a valuable work to and there are more of these works with similar stature as in works from old cultures as writen in the vedas and or oahspe is full of mans history and there gods and worship. The thing is if your understandings and comprihandsion is wide enough, never judgemental or condamning that what you do not know or understand, for is in all reality so far beyond mans pitty comprehandsion of God or His works,through man/beings that man can not even judge, but himself

paul morris: I see for one you use an obelix and 777 in your name. obelix=oblisc=phallus, penis, rod, stick,wand as in wanting and the magical scorcerers stick/shaft/penis/oblisk/obeli­x(caring his oblix/phallus(horus 13th "missing" part after his dismemberment). 777 = vav, vav ,vav = 666. Men you pick'em dont you. Steve uses 777 too so what is what and who is who for me not a question maybe too you. Spin a new web try anew

paul morris: Ok, argentina is know as the refuge for most all fascisme and the like, soon we here in netherlands will have an argentinian queen by 30/04/'12, she and the orange dynastie she maried into owns for one the whole of shell and thousands of other big B. there own secret agencies and many countries incl. most prob. agentina - argent=(white)silver/money), ina-INA(Indonisian Netherland Association). Presidents stabilise nothing but there own bank account

ODamoo: I agree with the analysis of the Illuminati's agenda for global strip mining which will fit in with their eugenics agenda

ODamoo: I believe the book of 1 Enoch to be an invaluable resource - and my research found that it was considered canon by the Jews til 90 AD and by the early Christians until Augustine, Constantine, and Jerome had it removed/

paul morris: Chavez was in charge of Venezuela not Argentina.In Argentina the President's office was a revolving door but finally Duhalde then the Kirchners, stabilised the country with the help of the same finance minister.