Annemarie Schwarzenbach Duende by Malga Kubiak & Team of Disaster /Adult Content



ello i need to finalize my newest FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA NOIR DESPAIR

Annemarie Schwarzenbach Duende by Malga Kubiak /Adult Content

Malga Kubiak regi, script, pre edit

Martinez Stanislaw Goralski camera work, post production, edit

Cast Agata Mocarska, Ew An To Nie Ta, Evelina Roos, Michal Piotrowski, Hanna Chawki, Lola Moller, Paja Rasinska, Mats Lundell, Dana Platter, Vieka Thalin, Dorota Zarowiecka, Camilla Bauer, Jessica Berntson, Lisa Holles, Balint Lazar

music Zbigniew Karkowski, Hanna Chawki, Pola Negri, Dorota Zarowiecka and others

.. whether or not its supposed to be moving, I dont know. Thats the sort of question that haunts each Kubiak's work. You can never be sure that what you are seeing is artful or artless.

Exceptionally light and short to be Malga Kubiak movie production. So don't expect just an easy watch, yet it is only 48 minutes.

Still Kubiak deeps down into her favorite topic schizophrenia, sex between same sex and pure decadence, in forth-ground morphine addiction.

Surprisingly much theatrical, has Kubiak missed her place? Why is she so much into theater? Rebellious by birth and habit, dirty only in her finger nails, still in love with a dead writer. This time Annemarie Schwarzenbach who has been loved since the day of her early death. A total rebel, schizophrenic, morphinist, lesbian, writer, photographer, documental filmmaker whose work hidden for a long time within hostile family archives finally reaches out. Swiss born, German language writer translated only to French and not to English yet! Annemarie Schwarzenbach 1908 / 1942, quick, explosive almost entire world round /including Orient and Africa, Russia and United States/ traveling wonder, in her time called a fallen angel, sorrow kid, neurotic to the very touch, beautiful, androgynous.

This is to what Malga Kubiak glues, links attracted like fly by steaming shit, sticky blood and casual dirt. Attracted as moth to a deadly candle light. Attracted as a nightingale to the moon of May.

Let her have her song.

Check Annemarie's favorite night club The Wall Theater in Berlin 1933.

As for the actors, they are all exceptionally good. Agata Mocarska flamboyant and fluorescent as Annemarie Schwarzenbach, Michal Piotrowski as Klaus Mann, Ewa as Margot von Opel. Evelina Roos as Evelina Roos burlesque dancer. And Hanna Chawki as Stanislawa Przybyszewska, whose flirtation with Annemarie is the charade of Kubiak's script. Stanislawa Przybyszewska 1901 / 1935 Polish born dramatist whose morphine addiction took a call on her with the same tempo 34 years to be, to experience, to create, to love... And to shoot!

There is also a famous lobotomy team Dr Freeman / Lola Moller/ and Dr Watts /Paja Rasinska/, same guys who operated Rosemary Kennedy 1942, the year of Annemarie Schwarzenbach mysterious death in combination with none specified treatment she received at Swiss clinic, that coursed a total amnesia and finally death, nobody but 2 nurses was let near her in this last period when she was brought back to Sills and finally died at November 15th 34 years young.

Malga Kubiak as Swiss doctor professor Forel at Swiss clinic Prangins.

I have chosen Berlin as back ground of Annemarie's Duende, yet she was almost everywhere. Why Berlin? She lived in Berlin 1930/1933. Berlin impresses me as much as Schwarzenbach does. How possible that Adolf and Josef G. destroyed the city so throughly intellectual, with extremely high potential of freedom and abilities? Can the supporting factors as financial crisis equal with extreme poverty have done it? Why people so easily loose control? Why they tend to fear decadence and freedom? How comes that we people almost love 2 be mislead, cheated, used if we hope 2 benefit?

Its a sad story I am going 2 tell.

Its not just Annemarie Schwarzenbach who didn't really make it. The humanity didn't make it 2.


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ello i need to finalize my newest FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA NOIR DESPAIR

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