Young go-getters will drag us out of stagnation

One Thatcherite change that Gordon Brown fortunately failed to reverse is the decline in collectivist attitudes

There is only one reason to be optimistic about the future of the British economy, and it has nothing to do with the Coalition’s policies, the price of oil or any of the myriad usual statistics.

denzel185: Maybe some of these young go-getters can buy themselves a slice of the NHS. After all, it's being sold off piece by piece. Think of the profit they could make from it - you go you aspirational entrepreneurs. Be proud. Live the Thatcher dream.

johnmcevoy: "Maybe some of these young go-getters can buy themselves a slice of the NHS" Yes, isn't is awful. Look at what they did to the national steel industry, the national car industry, the national telephone industry - if only the State owned and ran our supermarkets perhaps we'd have more choice, lower prices and no queues at the checkouts.

denzel185: Yes, the private steel industry (pretty much non existent), the private telephone companies, private transport companies and the private utility companies give us such a better deal don't they? We still get to subsidise them but the winner is the profits don't get re invested in this country, they go to shareholders overseas.  Brilliant!!

johnmcevoy: How do you 'subsidise' Vodafone if you're not a customer? And what's stopping you becoming a Vodafone shareholder and spending you returns in the UK?

rationalthought: How is it being sold off? What bits are now privately owned?

denzel185: It's being sold off through the back door - just recently the non emergency Ambulance Service was 'awarded' to a company called Arriva. A extra special bit of information to you Europe fans is that Arriva is a German State owned company. Richard Branson, that 'young' go getter pictured above, has the contract to carry out the palliative care of dying children. There's a final vote going through the House of Lords on Wednesday, which if it goes through, will give the government an ok to pretty much do what they want. It's called 'reform'. 38 degrees are running a petition against it, if you, your partner, children, parents or siblings have ever relied on the NHS you should sign it.

isthisreallife: I think most rational minded Brits understand that an entrepreneurial and aspirational society is a force for good. I think they also understand that most new jobs are generated by SMEs and they are crucial for the functioning of a healthy economy. So on the face of it the Tories appear to be on the right side of the argument. HOWEVER, its a bit of a myth that the Conservative model and the Blairite(more of the same) model created the conditions to achieve these goals. The first thing we need is a free market and healthy competition. Instead what we have are multinationals enjoying a state subsidy in the form of a complex tax code that allows them to avoid paying corporation tax and thereby undercut good viable SMEs. This is nothing but socialism for the rich and the corporate class. People like Alistair Heath on TV parrot the same deregulation and red tape cutting mantra without acknowledging the serious abuses and anti-competitive behaviour of monopolies and the TBTF banks. Many of these abuses occur because of a lack of regulation not to much regulation! Heath also ignores the fact that despite huge amounts of liquidity being pumped into the banks they steadfastly refuse to lend. It's clearly not a red tape issue. There is a fundamental problem with banking culture and their lack of confidence in the real economy.  And he also talks about our bloated public sector. There is no evidence when comparing them to European economies we have a bloated public sector. We are seeing govt spending ramp up because of increase benefits payments - not overpaid nurses. We are seeing a huge shift in people going from full time permanent work to part-time, temporary, self-employed or zero-hour contract work. This is both economically and socially a catastophe. Its clear the government has to intervene before its too late. We need government investment in infrastructure and a government run bank to provide help to SMEs. Its an insult to the intelligence of  the voter public that cutting red tape is going to have any serious impact now. Its far too late for tinkering.

VanLimburg: The real fascists in Western Christendom are the globalist anti-western multicult self-hating lefties that Soros and his fellow tribesmen are so keen to finance and spread . Their dream is to finally suppress the national identity and nation-states of Europe through brainwashing of the natives by pornography, modern arts , medias and mass immigration. The annihilation of the native ethnic populations of Europe is their goal.Thus only their stolen middle eastern lot will retain the power of community and world hegemony through ethnocentrism . The fundamental principle of survival of any civilization is ensure the safeguard the future and prosperity thus immortality of its people. The Chosen have made Babylonian/ Khazarian a cult out of these values while using all their power to enforce diversity and minority-majorities in the West.There is not a State or Civilization that can survive without cohesion ,respect of tradition and ethnocentrism on the long term. The USA were made by and founded by leaders of European Christian ancestry. More than 90% of Americans belonged to this specific heritage until the famous 1965 immigration reform (or disaster) opened the gates of the third world and ensured the loss of Western European character.They use the cancerous spreading of left wing ideology in local government as an instrument in the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous peoples of Europe through social-engineering and diversity offices. In fact, a large social housing in towns and cities and the replacement by foreign invaders to the extent that whole districts of London,Paris,Brussels,Dortmund,Munich,Antwerp,Rotterdam,Barcelona  are almost completely cleared of the ethnic population - race replacement continues stronger than ever because of the power of Soros' famous tribe.

tokyonagaremono: When America and Europe go down the East Asians will inherit the world. The Middle East has no chance. Too low IQ'd.

mactheanti: My son has his own business, he was given every help to start it under the Labour government. Getting a loan to expand under this government has been a nightmare. Getting people to spend under this government has been impossible because their standards of living are declining and they have less to spend, in some cases nothing to spend  and until this is remedied no amount of "go getters" how ever old they are will be able to do anything very much.

Diogenesthered:  The government seems to believe you can make the cake bigger by cutting slices off it.

petergardner: Labour gave money away to anyone and everyone. Of course it was easy. This government has a Lib Dem Anti-Business Secretary. Of course it is difficult. But neither approach does  any real good for the country.

denzel185: No, giving money to anyone or giving money to no one does any real good for the country… just give it to offshore tax avoiders, that'll fix it.

johnmcevoy: The 'government' doesn't have any money of its own to give to anyone. It merely makes transfer payments for political gain, and skims off a fat cut as middleman.

cyphre:  You mean like 90% of Labour luvvies? Or Guardian Media Group? ;o)

nroseacc: Bollocks! Most start-ups fail. Most people remain employed in large companies and/or are underemployed in part-time low paid work. Some bright young thing might do something on the internet or open a "retail" business that sells re-packaged crap in nicer branded packaging that returns a decent margin. But innovation and resarch and development leading to new products and services will not be delivered in any significant scale by twenty somethings. However, twentysomethings working in publicy funded science parks on publicly and endowoment funded R&D might lead to opportunities for spin offs into private ventures for the few! All I need to do then is to move to Cambridge or Oxford and get a job in one of the R&D labs doing research. For a teenager living on a council estate in Bradford with 2 GCSE's they have no chance. Hence, for most of the population of the UK, this article is not just Bollocks, it is patently full of shit

nickk: Nothing 'publicly funded' ever works out. It is simply a cost. There are many small companies hiring talented individuals. Many extremely high tech research labs at drug companies and IT, especially robotics and cybernetics are screaming for applicants, as are designers, engineers and chemical companies eager to hire. The trouble is, there aren't that many people and frankly; the UK isn't where you want to be. Starting pay isn't wonderful and housing is extortionate. Then, after five years actually doing something useful, the government buggers up the market or the EU makes up a law invalidating all the work. Throughout all this two thirds of your income is stolen directly in tax and you've still got a £40,000 student loan. So of course, these people go to places where not only are engineers valued and paid properly, but they are taxed at 10% instead of 60%, as are their companies - companies that offer a decent pension, private healthcare and pay your tuition fees instead of seeing you as just a source of tax. And frankly, if all after a free education, ten years of investment and the most expensive education tax payers can provide (much more so than (for example) Winchester) is 2 GCSEs then that person does not deserve to succeed and should be treated with the same contempt he has shown. It's time for some responsibility.

thirdbifurcation: kind of ironic that you use the internet to make this post

Diogenesthered: That's brilliant! So much bull in such a short space, you've invented the literary equivalent of the OXO cube.

jono: Since you haven't argued on the points, instead choosing to simply dismiss, I'll do the same - you're talking out of your arse, nickk is right, and you're wrong. 

Diogenesthered: Couldn't think of a simile so had to resort to cliche? Yawn.

jono: "For a teenager living on a council estate in Bradford with 2 GCSE's they have no chance." No, but that's fixable by getting rid of the crap education delivered by the State. Do you need a good education to succeed? Almost certainly - in fact thats what a good education actually is.  Do most startups fail? Yes, do most people who start startups fail? No, because they keep trying.  "Hence, for most of the population of the UK, this article is not just Bollocks, it is patently full of shit" Maybe you should read the article again. Maybe you'll understand it this time.

godfreytempleton: I appreciate your thoughts.