You thought central bank money printing was at an end? Don’t bet on it

Over the past month, there has been something of a sell-off in sovereign bond markets, leading some to speculate that the era of record low interest rates is drawing to a close.

Is the great bond market bubble finally over? For the following, very simple, reason, I’m not yet convinced.

nefti: Hyperstagflation here we come. Watch the Misery Indices and try to ignore the massaged unemployment/inflation figures. Once the tsunami of QE makes its way out from under the banker mattresses and out into the "real" economy, we are in for a hell of a show. Maybe Jeremy will even have time to glance up and stop muttering "What inflation?" before the wave hits.

stephenmarchant: nefti, Too right! I believe they will continue money printing allowing politicians to obfuscate from difficult decisions. The real economy is languishing whilst the banksters cover their bets at the expense of we taxpayers. 

dalai guevara: nefti 'watch the massaged unemployment/inflation figures' We don't count unemployment anymore, we count employment levels. We don't look at inflation and spending power, it's all about footfall. People walking aimlessly through shopping malls and high streets in broad daylight, supposedly in full-time employment.

TempleNewsam: The whole world hasn't tried printing money at the same time before, so who knows.  FIAT money printing to wipe out FIAT debt.  I'd be rich if I could guess how it will go.

andycfc: "Once the tsunami of QE makes its way out from under the banker mattresses and out into the "real" economy, we are in for a hell of a show." Your mechanism for transmission is?

nefti: Cheap credit of course.

GeorgyPorgy: QE money is already leaking out into the equity markets - as predicted and just as easy credit conditions led to asset price inflation in the property bust of 2007. 

jaspersopaque: The transmission mechanism is faulty and is preventing the new money entering the productive sector of the economy and, for this reason, QEing can have deflationary tendencies. I think andy you will understand where I am coming from?

paulweighell: Loans for small business if Cable gets loose.

worker: As long as you have 'O' level you will realize that you don't get something for nothing, print money, yes, and destroy the currency and wait for inflation to kick in… it will happen… as it has happened before… memories are short… it will also lead to massive hardship… already this is starting… benefits won't help you…

shanganagh: Surprised if you gained an 'O' level in English with that literary style.

yoyoegg: There's no great genius in totting up the figures for debt repayment and the obligations for pensions etc. These can't be repaid, ever. As no democratic govt. will tell the sheeple that, the only alternative is increasing appropriation of private capital to keep Ponzi welfarism going for a few more years. Expect the 'hoarders' and BTL LLs to be pilloried 1st, but  be assured all assets will be fair game by the State by 2020. But by 2030 our standard of living will be worse than 1930.

TruthDestroysWorlds: The sad truth is, that the likes of the The Telegraph no longer work to report the news, no, they actually work to keep it concealed from us. They are the spreaders of lies and falsehoods. Of pure BS. Nothing more.

robdarich: The news used to be about what HAD happened. Now most of it is telling us what WILL happen. So-and-so WILL say "blah blah" tomorrow. That's not "news" - it's government speech-writers and  the mainstream media giving us 24 hours notice of their next madcap schemes, nearly all of which stem from secretive plans decided by unelected EU bureaucrats and bilderbergers years ago. Immigration, "gay marriage", HS2, carbon taxes, they're all being inflicted on us because a few at the top think it's in their own interests to destroy the fabric of society and turn the whole of Europe into a single inter-connected, concreted-over, islamified shit-hole.

alastairsnare: Blame yourselves. We get the news we pay for and I don't buy newspapers or subscribe to news sites, so I don't complain when newspapers like the Telegraph lie to me or try to push an advert dressed up as editorial. I don't believe what the BBC pushes for exactly the same reason - there is no incentive for them to keep me happy as a consumer of their "news"… The PR industry owns journalists these days, which is why for every journalist there are a half-a-dozen or so PR executives…

vinceonform: No, you just have to be a little smarter to work out what the truth is…usually by aggregating what everyone is saying on both sides…no one party has the truth any more since what is going on is genuinely very complex

Mike77: The Bilderberg elite meeting behind closed doors are pushing for a wider war and incalculable suffering in the Middle East and economic collapse. They will be reporting to their masters the House of Rothschild.

TruthDestroysWorlds: A joke currency. A joke government. And a joke mainstream media. That is Great  Britain. One big f£cking joke.

Blobby Gutbuster: Yep. And you can't even light up in a pub without being taken to the nick.

paulw: There is only money printing left. QE 7,8,9 10… The economy is permanently screwed. There will be no recovery in the UK. There will be no consumer demand and no growth sufficient to pay the interest on the debt. Whilst the people continue to allow private bankers to issue their money and pay them rental for it then the future is bleak.