Tesco calls on Cameron to aid Indian growth

Tesco is poised to make a decision on the size of a potential multi-billion pound investment in India following representations by David Cameron as part of a UK trade mission.

The Sunday Telegraph understands that Philip Clarke, the chief executive, has spoken to the Prime Minister in the past few days regarding the retailer’s hopes for opening stores under its own name.

Weyland: Tesco is a disgusting company, which sells disgusting food too.

gamesinvestor:  Disgustingly successful though

JDR: By israeli standards

emmiem: This is the straight swap arranged by the EU for Indian employees to have preferential access to jobs in the EU area, primarily the UK because most Indians speak English - in return for corporations to have access to the Indian domestic market.  Intra Company Transfers I think they are called.  By preferential I mean it is cheaper for employers to recruit from India because they will pay considerably less tax than if they employed a British worker.  Under this scheme they do not have to advertize in this country.  See how it already affects IT workers… http://www.computerweekly.com/blogs/inside-outsourcing/2011/03/offshore-it-workers-in-the.html Cameron is a devious and sly slimeball.    

anglosax: Trade is a two-way street.  We cannot expect to be allowed to export goods and services to India without allowing India the opportunity to reciprocate. 

emmiem: It has little to do with trade - more to do with western corporations expanding into and gaining access to formerly excluded countries to tap into their domestic market - in return for exporting unlimited cheap labour to us. 

englander:  "Trade is a two-way street." Yes but an EU-India trade deal under which Indians come to the UK to live and work, in return for Indians buying products from Germany may be a good deal for India and Germany but not so good for the UK.

mhayworth: These are the same multi-nationals who keep us chained to the EU and the increasingly corrupt UN.  This has nothing to do with what is good for Britain and everything to do with why we should  stop supporting globalisation.  We can no longer control our borders, our food supply and product standards, our supply of land, and most of all - our banks and economic systems.   We have diminishing standards in healthcare and education,  in political life - particularly responsibility and integrity.  We are rapidly losing community cohesion and instead promoting segregated communities by enforcing multi-culturalism.  And we are now losing our freedom to express our opinions, to vote for the people who govern us directly, and to protect ourselves from being taken over by those whose only interest in us - is as economic consumers.   We are becoming debt slaves. Vote UKIP at every opportunity!

Death Star: I am afraid it gets better than that. Many come on a tourist visa, and then just work for a few months, and then go back after milking the local staff they are replacing for all the info.

Franklin_Delano_Roosevelt: Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. I dont call drawing a cross on a bit of paper every 5 years democracy. We live in a plutocracy.

memberofhepublic: Just so long as British taxpayers' money doesn't go to aiding Indian growth.

chungkwoyan: " British taxpayers' money " Where?

hdhondy: As someone who grew up in that country, my advice to TESCO would be- don't bother with India. You may make a bit of money initially, but there'll be hell to pay. Too many vested interests, farmers' associations, freeloaders, a populace that views foreign firms with great suspicion, and reserve particular bile for the Brits, and finally a government that doesn't understand a thing about rule of the law. Unlike China, India's economic miracle is a chimera. It's a low growth economy with lots of insurmountable problems, a big, unearned chip on the shoulder…and a lot of very dangerous envy.

chungkwoyan: " India's economic miracle" Never heard of it! With 3 % population growth, a barely 5% or so growth in GDP  claimed by the New Delhi!

HarishNayak: What you have done in India for 185 years then. You behave like saints. That is wrong. Frankly please open your eyes and look at what UK is doing along with US, NATO, France etc.  

HarishNayak: Apologies to be too hard, still we love you. Thanks moderator.

The UK's given millions in aid to India.  As time has shown, much of it gets wasted, goes in backhanders, or get diverted into personal accounts. Bearing in mind the UK's again on the edge of a (third) recession, I'd like to think any aid given out by government would go to the UK.

HarishNayak: The moment **India** comes into discussion, you all jump into **Aids to India**. Please stop it. Do not misjudge as arrogance, this is an opportunity for you to use these funds else where. Indian Govt requested long back to stop this aid. Let us live respectfully by having more trade opportunities, cultural exchanges and diplomatic relations. You failed to leverage on 185 years of past relation. Still there is scope. 

onlylowercasewithoutspaces: I just wish they would spend the millions learning to speak and write proper English.

earnedtheright: Most Indians who are lucky enough to have had an education speak a more correct, if formal style of English than Mr or Mrs Average Brit… And, far better than many of their offspring!

toblerone: The cancer that is Tesco is spreading. They are aiming for world wide control through the food chain. It only surprises me they have yet to turn a blind eye to rat being put in there "meat" products.