Tempers fray in France as drastic cuts loom

France's budget watchdog has called for another round of drastic cuts and an immediate freeze in public sector pay and benefits, warning that public finances are badly off track as deep recession eats into tax revenues.

The country's Cour des Comptes said the budget is likely to breach EU targets by a wide margin yet again this year, perhaps reaching 4.1pc of GDP, risking a fresh showdown with Europe a time when French support for the EU Project is already in freefall.

feudejoie: As we watch Europe smolder ominously, one place where the blame should be directed is straight at Broadcasting House where the BBC did everything within its power in 1993 to shield Major and the idiotic LibLab Euphiles from the need to yield to the public clamour for a referendum on the Treaty of Maastricht.  Peter Jay, the highly regarded economist and former British ambassador to Washington was the BBC's chief economist throughout the 1990s.  He wrote and accurately predicted that a single currency being imposed on many highly divergent economies within a sub-optimal currency area but without fiscal union, was extremely dangerous.  He said that it was the equivalent of placing a primed "nuclear bomb across the Channel" and that this scheme would lay waste huge swathes of southern Europe, stripping them of wealth, of democracy, of employment and of hope. We know that when the BBC thinks something is of utmost public importance it will lead every news bulletin for 10 days with the same story - we heard it do so when a few months ago some soon-to-be-forgotten item from the Leveson Inquiry concerning the Corporation's main philosophical and commercial competitor Rupert Murdoch did just that - led every news bulletin from morning to night for 10 days. Since nothing could be more to our nation's disadvantage than the destabilization of the Continent and the certain generation of extreme political movements on our doorstep, one would have expected the Corporation to have led every news bulletin throughout Maastricht's troubled passage through parliament in the spring and summer of 1993 with dire warnings of the treaty's content, yet if the BBC mentioned it at all, it was only in the context of "Tory splits". Recently we saw the BBC's Question Time eviscerate Nick Griffin of the BNP who supported less dangerous schemes yet Question Time still affords succour to those who promoted the placing of a primed "nuclear bomb" across the Channel - watch the way Dimbleby chuckles and plays with Clarke and Heseltine, just to mention two of these dangerous extremists. There are several BBC programmes which are excellent and of which I am very fond but taken overall, the BBC is a significant negative force in our nation and should be broken up and privatized before even more damage is done.  

fellhopper: I thought it would be the BBc's fault, didn't they cause the banking crisis as well?

boomboom: No that was France…or he Liberals fault…

clarityofthought:  fellhopper - but they didn't challange Brown/Balls and co about their unaffordable spending plans…

paulweighell: As they just lost £100 million your comment is not as daft as it sounds :-)


quakyduck: What about global warming!

johnward:  That was definately the BBC.

robertc: The Climate Change deceit, helped along by the BBC: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100189491/28-gates-later-the-bbcs-nightmare-gets-worse-and-worse/

thammond65: Did you bother to read his argument, or just arrogantly dismiss it? Strange how Murdoch is to blame for so much yet the saintly BBC never is - if you are a Leftie.

alegitbritcit: The left wing BBC receives money from the EU,hence its pro EU horse shit.

magpie: The BBC is a law unto itself. It sucks in our licence fees under duress but its idea of 'balance' is to present a viewpoint that is somewhere between Socialism and outright Marxism. It should be broken up and sold off with Rupert Murdoch being allowed preferred bidder status. Just watch the rats scuttle off the ship if that were to happen.

ArchiePonsonby: Well said, f d j!

peckham_street_girl: Peter Jay was the man what worked for Maxwell right ? 

lacoste: The Eurozone bomb is very near to critical mass; it will explode quite soon.

edhooper:  feudejoie Ah yes the BBC. I used to be proud of the BBC, when it was the BBC. Not any more.

Vive la revolution: The BBC has always been the propaganda mouthpiece of the British Government form world war 2 onwards.  It is just that as a nation many of us have now got wise to it.

mjg: Free Bradley Manning - strange the treatment of Mrs Thatcher and her Conservative government if your post is correct.

franp:  BBC is also responsible for the measles epidemic-FACT. I read is somewhere on the interwubs

docsyn: The BBC was also responsible for informing the Argentinians the reason their 500/1000 bombs where not exploding on our ships in the Falklands, then they got it sorted out and we lost a lot of sailors and soldiers thanks to the BBC. Dont believe me read the book Diver, written by a clearance diver of the RN.

$59471476:  It seems the definition of an Extremist these days, is somebody who takes an interest in what is going on.Even if wrong, the audacity to question, examine and wonder comes under the same term as those who kill chop and cause harm to others. I dont like it.It is a poor show ,like the reason for it,it is riddled with faux pas and desperation and actually fuelling more resentment. My own personal monkey on my back for instance, who or it ,that, man ,woman beast whatever it is ,stopping my opinion from being shown,what is wrong with it? Is it unreasonable? It is purely speculation, not fact, as I am a normal boring person with no connections, other than the ones I make in my head using the tripe the media feed us. You look at this Forum three years ago and compare it to now.Unless it is tongue in cheek, criticism of this EU business, idealogically speaking, it is forbidden.A bit like rejecting it. A thing built on such foundations, does not inspire a full endorsement of how great it is does it.

catherine_carr: Looks like the French have finally realised that the rest of the world isnt going to keep paying its bills…  Now they need to find their own money its going to hurt… I doubt they are really going to make any cuts as there will be riots if they do

squeaky_squirrel: The French have always considered the EU to be an authorised overdraft facility.