Rolls-Royce 'hid engine defects', claims US lawsuit

Engine maker Rolls-Royce “cut corners on quality control requirements” and “lied to” customers, two former employees have alleged in a US lawsuit.

The British company is also claimed to have “routinely used defective parts designated as 'scrap only’” and concealed internal records of potentially dangerous defects in its engine making process.

Jonathan Burkitt: I got a solution, bring the factory and jobs back to the UK and it avoids these dodgy Americans.  If these people were truely interested in safety they would not be filing a lawsuit but instead releasing the data like a whistleblower would.

NedKelly1982:  RR purchased a US manufacturer(Allison), hence their manufacturing there.

martin2500: What they should have done is shut the factory down and move the production to the UK or better still China. The scummy yanks have done it to our industry.

pkcasimir: I have a better solution. The US  military and civilian airplane and helicopter manufacturers should stop buying Rolls Royce engines and buy Pratt and Whitney and GE engines only; that way we don't have to listen to whiny, smarmy Brits and Rolls Royce would be reduced to a little provincial manufacturer without access to the largest Defense budget and biggest airlines in the world.

NedKelly1982: Biggest airlines are in the middle east and Asia. They love RR.

pkcasimir: Obviously a provincial Brit who has no idea of the outside world. By scheduled passengers carried in 2012, the four largest airlines in the world  were all American - Delta, United, Southwest, American. The Lufthansa Group was fifth, and China Southern was sixth. You must get your news from the "unbiased" BBC.

martin2500: Airbus are producing more aircraft than ever and for the last 10 years have outsold crappy old Boeing. Bye bye dumb yanks.

pkcasimir: Airplane engines are selected by the customer independent of the airplane's manufacturer. I am astounded at just how ignorant the British are about the world. "Bye bye dumb Limeys!", we will serenade as the UK falls further and further down the table of nations.

crazeygrazey: So?

ludwigfartlauder: I have an even better solution than that. The US alliance is a one-way street - let's ditch it.

pkcasimir:  Then the UK will be exposed for what it has become - a third rate military and economic  power who not only can't punch above its weight, but can't punch at all. I know the truth is painful for you Brits, but your day has long passed and whatever influence you have in the world is a reflection of the fact the US supports you.

rosedale: Yes - and you can fight your own wars then all by yourself.

pkcasimir: We have been while carrying you on our backs. It was the British Army who surrendered to the Shiite militia in Basra and the British Army that surrendered twice to the Taliban in Helmond Province.

colonelbonkers: Yes, fair weather friends unfortunately.

lanthalus: Sioux City…

robustresponse: Correct on pax numbers, but isn't IAG (british airways and iberia) the biggest in Europe, and I think the Middle and far east have bigger flying fleets (and therefore numbers of engines) than any of the busted US airlines limping thru chapter11 restructures with half their planes parked in the desert and half th rest being 20 seaters.

pkcasimir: You Brits really live in some bizzaro world. The five biggest airlines in the world by size of fleet are all American - Delta, United, Southwest, US Air. They have a combined fleet of approximately 4700 aircraft. Iberia has about 80 airplanes and Emirates about 200. Once again, you Brits have demonstrated you are ignorant provincials when it comes to this subject. You have absolutely no idea of just how big the US is and how prevalent air traffic is. Small islanditis.

martin2500: Being as you lot are bankrupt and more of your airlines are buying Airbus I think you need to go pull your head out of your fat arse yank.

tr_man: Sounds like someone is trying to extract a lot of money for nothing!

tonydartford: Thousands of engines in service and very few catastrophic failures. Some thing is very odd.

itzman:  well yes. a minor deviation from standards becomes a dangerous lapse of quality when someone is paying you as an expert witness. Having said that, Rolls should have been a bit smarter in where they drew the line.

martin2500: This is utter nonsense. All aircraft AND engines have defects in them. I refer people back to the Challenger disaster and the investigation into that. Aircraft suffer fatigue defects and manufacturing defects. So long as they are managed there is no risk to the aircraft. As usual the media (populated by thick arts luvvies) think you can built large complicated engineering objects and have them totally free from defects.

britbob: US lawsuit. British company. Easy target. We'll forget about Halliburton's involvement in the Gulf of Mexico, eh?

soulsurvivor: Pot/kettle. You forgotten "libel tourism" which your Country encourages in order to line the pockets of your greedy legal fraternity and the politicians whose palms they grease; sorry, whom they "lobby"?

neverironic: @soulsurvivor quote:- '… your greedy legal fraternity…' now THAT really is pot/kettle. quote:-… 'whom they "lobby"?' in english we say 'who' not 'whom'.  whom is a left-over from the colonies.