Noisy Heathrow ranks last in Airports Commission study

Stansted airport handles almost 50 times as many passengers as Heathrow for every person affected by aircraft noise, a new discusion paper from the Airports Commission has found.

The study, which will form part of the Commission’s analysis of where to build new runways in the UK, finds that more people are affected by noise at Heathrow than at any other major European airport.

tiggertoo: Is it a legitimate question to ask how many people have moved into the Heathrow flight-path zones since the airport was built? If you move next to a pig farm you cannot complain about the smell.

Beyond Cynicism: tiggertoo: I used to live in Berkshire - a 30 minute drive down the M4 from Heathrow. I was still affected by aircraft noise. I now live in Surrey - again a 30 minute drive from Heathrow. Again, I am intrusively affected by noise from the airport. Some bloody pig farm!

gsksay: Yes but this time is it from Gatwick, Farnborough or LHR…

Beyond Cynicism: gskay: From Heathrow. And before you ask how I know. let me refer you to a handly little online tracker at which shows most of the commercial air traffic around the world in real time.

Elyse_Elyse: @ Beyond Cynicism, Thanks for the very interesting link. The lack of air traffic on the African continent is a real eye opener, expecially in contrast to North America's crowded skies.  What a lop-sided world we're still in.

Beyond Cynicism: Elyse_Elyse: You have to be really careful about makiing statements like that. Flight Radar 24 relies on commercial aircraft carrying a very specific type of equipment. Modern aircraft now carry it but older aircraft may not. The service also relies on 500 receivers around the world to pick up the data and post it to the service in real time (5 minute delay for legal reasons in the US). See for fuller technical details. What this means is that Africa is seriously under-represented in terms of visible aircraft movements both because many of the aircraft are not equipped to send the information and the receivers to pick up and submit such information as is available are few and far between.

Elyse_Elyse: How interesting. Thanks for the clarification.

onlylowercasewithoutspaces: Report will be filed under,  Stating the Obvious.  Question how many of the noise affected people were alive and lived in Heathrow before it started taking commercial aircraft. As somebody who doesn't live in the area, dare do I ask… Why would you move next to an Airport then start complaining about the aircraft noise?

britbob: Another runway needs to be built at Heathrow ASAP. This country is already losing commerce due to inaction and political blundering. People have been living next to Heathrow, a noisy international airport, for years. Another runway will not make any real difference. Get on with it…

honeymonster: Where do you live? A quiet leafy suburb I suppose.

onlylowercasewithoutspaces: I guess you live right off the end of the runway? LOL

Elyse_Elyse: He doesn't have to live off the end of the runway in order to be affected by Heathrow noise - that's the whole point of the article.

Zantedeschia: Let us know where you live and we'll have an airport built there, given you find the noise so bearable.

Chas : Great.  I live in Thurso.  When can you start building?

konigstiger: I flew from Heathrow some years ago and parked at Quo Vadis an off airport park just under the end of the runway. On our return the car my lovely Volvo 360 (a great little car) was covered in black ash just within in a week. They supplied a hose to wash off the ash so you could see to drive home. Think of breathing that in every day so 2 my mind airports should be far from centers of population  In this case Boris may be right with his floating estuary idea

Archie_Douglas: Doesn't happen now or if it does - it's no more than you would get living by the A316 BUT residents of SW London do regularly get deposits of sand on cars - blown up from the Sahara and those living near lime trees and pine get humungous quantities of sticky fluid and pine dust close by Not to mention those who live in Islington and Westminster who also get quantities of BS sprayed into their ears


Beyond Cynicism:  understandingreality: What a stupid, idiotic, uninformed, thoughtless, ignorant and demonstrably false comment to make.

gsksay: For the first time I agree, understandingreality is just a bigot! if he understood the mix he would find a lot are third and fourth generation and as British as I am. 

Beyond Cynicism: gskay: Just out of interest, what part of the country do you live in?

tiggertoo: How British are you, gsksay? Just wondering.

Elyse_Elyse: @ tiggertoo, If gsksay has any self respect I'm afraid you won't be getting a reply. 

conservativemind12: Yeah that's a pretty deluded and xenophobic opinion, it's a big place, you can see A380's approaching in central London.