MPs in attack on campaign against betting shop machines

A cross-party group of MPs has made a formal complaint over a campaign against gaming machines in betting shops being run by a leading Liberal Democrat donor.

The All Party Betting and Gaming Committee has taken issue with a “materially misleading” publicity drive by Derek Webb, who made almost £15m in the casino industry but is now leading an attack on bookmakers.

thepharaoh: "on which you can bet up to £10 nearly every 20 seconds" The online casino slot machines…you can bet £1000 pounds in 20 seconds on those from the comfort of your own living room. That's where the current problem lies

truth47: Nearly as bad as payday loans or a Government that has no idea at all how to Govern.  

securedgold: These FOBTs really are like crack and should be banned. They are insidious. Anyone who opposes this has not done their research. There is no hypocrisy here. It's all a matter of where you draw the line. To say this man is a hypocrite is to say that the effects of cannabis on society are the same as heroin.

robertbrowne: The internet is the crack cocaine of gambling just look at the expansion of on line gambling. Gambling is becoming a more serious addiction than alcohol abuse. People loosing ever cent they have earned in a few hours after working the whole week it is soul destroying and has devastating effects for spouses and children.  The government are ignoring this massive problem.

Potato: "The government are ignoring this massive problem"   The problem is mass stupidity… hard to tackle that  

robertbrowne: There is something very delicate in the human psyche that can be "captured" it turns the human into a zombified state there are various common forms of it, think of the power of the phaorah the power of the prophets to "capture" the human intellect a sort of spell if you wish. Why do people believe in spells and incantations and why do they sometimes 'work'? Gambling is no more stupid than religion but it exemplifies the fragility of the human psyche. Arthur Koestler maintained that mans brain had evolved too rapidly and still contained the competing reptillian, mamillian and cerebral cortex. If the right message is "delivered" at the right time it is hard to deprogram the brain and that is what gambling anonymous tries to do. With dure respect, gambling It is not 'stupidity' as you suggest, it is somewhat more complex.

inessence: To be found in poorer towns up and down the land, making the poor, yet poorer.

beenzontoste:  Quite a few in Bournemouth.

socialismsucks: Bookmaking carries a degree of risk and FOBT mitigate that risk superbly for the bookie! The high street bookie today is only interested in FOBT and increasingly treats traditional punters like dirt. Assuming they lay a bet, if you have the temerity to win, they will not lay you a bet next time you ask. A savvy traditional punter can win however over the long term a player on the FOBT will lose. The business case for FOBT is overwhelming given they make about £1000 profit per week per machine (look it up in Ladjokes annual accounts). The way to tackle this problem is to reduce the number of FOBT from 4 per shop to ONE!

madranon: There is only one winner when it comes to betting machines, the people who own them.

thepharaoh:  Yes, so long as they are correctly programmed. One of the major players in the online casino industry currently is running software which has a logic fault, and it is child's play to get long term returns of over 100% with them. I don't work, I just take 100 quid a day from these casinos.

carruthers: Er…and which website is that, exactly…?

bonkthebonk: These destructive machines generate yet another immoral indirect tax on those that can least afford it.  Not only cynically feeding off the poorer sections of society's desperate desires to better themselves, but also robbing their households' of much needed income to all our detriment. Kill two birds with one stone and get rid of them immediately and fill the tax gap by taxing big business properly.

MrEdtheTalkingHorse: It is not a tax, it is a voluntary activity. If someone lacks the willpower to stop gambling, it is no concern of anyone else.

fluro:  It  may well be of concern to their family.Raping and murdering are voluntary activities,do you condone those also?

same_old_dog: Is pillage ok?

bogbeagle: fluro, It's not rape if the sex is consensual… dork.

MrEdtheTalkingHorse: Logic and reason not your strong points it seems, those are acts of criminal aggression. Gambling is voluntary, with no victim. No one is suggesting that theft of money and then gambling it is ok. PS I care about you, take the 'phone off the hook when doing the ironing, stay safe.

foxholeatheist:  Gambling does have victims, what you mean is that because it's self inflicted you don't care about them. That's a valid enough point, but as same old dog said that also have consequences for their families, children if they have them and that does tend to have a wider cost for us all. I don't know how far you go with that argument but in theory the same logic leads to drug legalisation.

bootsy1: @ fluro What idiotic 8 people (at last count) recommended this comment. This is the worst and most blatant example I've ever seen of attempting to disprove a theory by using a seemingly related side argument,in order to damage the credibility of the main argument. So in this case, if you are in favour of betting machines in betting shops then guess what-you're in favour of rape and murder. When you see it put like that, you can see just how totally, completely and utterly ignorant, stupid and lazy it is. Stick to the main argument-prove or disprove it without seemingly related situations. Most people can't anymore, and get quite upset when you deny them the chance to veer off into side arguments.  Ha, you favour rape and murder if you think having gaming machines in betting shops is ok. You complete moron-go and read the Sun

foxholeatheist: The government takes a high percentage of bookies winnings as tax over and above corporation tax so it is a player in the game.  

MrEdtheTalkingHorse: 20% VAT on most goods and services is bad enough, so the same money spent elsewhere (food etc. part) would sill be taxed.

guyburgess: @bonkthebonk that's also the argument for scrapping the national lottery which helped fund many of our amazing Olympians.