Maker's Mark goes a little heavy on the water

Whisky and water is a classic combination. But the producer of Maker’s Mark bourbon has gone a little heavy on the H2O.

It’s diluted the alcohol by volume from 45pc to 42pc because, in the words of chairman emeritus Bill Samuels Jnr, “demand for our bourbon is exceeding our ability to make it”.

zebedee: Maybe the Pope will now have some spare time to turn some of that water back to Whiskey.
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tonydartford: They are lowering the quality for quantity. Madness.

dionysusarus: Gordons did the same thing to their UK market gin some years ago and went from 40 to 37.5 thereby paying less duty, but maintaining the retail price… I switched brand and haven’t bought a bottle since. As with many companies the marketing department spent a fortune developing brand loyalty over many years, which the bean counters threw away in one easy move.

Sebranjor: What???? Sell the pure bourbon at a higher cost, make the bottles smaller or lower the cost of the diluted stuff.  They don't mention if there's a price difference.

ianbio: MAD! Do they not understand the value of brand qualities? The bean counters should have taken a hard look at this one and calculated the NPV of the long term devaluation of the brand.

potkas7: Oh you can bet there's an MBA in here somewhere.  Probably the same guy that advised the U.S. Postal Service: "You're losing money?  Costs are out of control? " Losing Market Share?  Abolish Saturday delivery, and tell your [captive] customers to go pound sand.  That should fix it.  After all, they have no alternative."

therznohope: A hospital consultant told me that you are more likely to get esophagal cancer or throat cancer from  drinking uncut spirits or from smoking than from Barrett's Esophagus. This is despite the fact that Barrett's is a pre-cancerous condition, where cell changes have begun to occur in the gullet.  It is not uncommon in those with digestive issues from reflux of stomach acid as occurs with conditions such as hiatus hernia. It is usually checked out by endoscopy every year or so. Many years ago, I knew a man who had met the famous  pathologist Sir Bernard Spillsbury. When he had told Spillsbury that he always drank his malt neat, the Great Man said that in his experience, it is a good idea to add some water to the glass. He had drank water with his whisky ever since. Of course, it should be up to the individual to decide how he takes his 'poison' and not for the distiller to do it for him.

iandi: Watered doon Whiskey, watered doon beer, horse in ma mince pies, its a watered doon world, mair water mair profits for ma offshore bank accooont.  

TheBoggart:  Go TT, buy a Panasonic breadmaker, dust off the old Spong mincer and you're all set for our reenactment of the last days of Stalingrad, Ian.

fine: (a) High demand = dilute product?  (b) High demand = put price up? If you answered (a) resign.

PT_2208: If you answered (b) resign too - why should they make more profit from their inability to supply a booming market ? (c) Increase production is the only fair option.

Christopher Hudson: Can take a lifetime to build a good reputation but these "smart" people go out of their way to prove that it can be lost in the blink of an eye

vielnick: In the ages of honest trade sold out was sold out and water down wine, spirits and beer was punished with cruel tortures up to death penalty, enclosed in a wine barrel and rolled into the next river

srb: What a smart move. Trash demand to match production rather than increase production to match demand.

SeaBeeUK: All whiskies except those designated as 'cask strength' are diluted (not adulterated) with water. Cask strength is usually around 60% ABV.

blueprint: Does anybody know if this stuff is any good? Never tasted it myself, but might be tempted to try and get my hands on a 45% bottle before the stocks run out.

potkas7: It's superb!

tryingmybest: Definitely worth getting the 45% version if you can. It's one of my favourite bourbons

Jonathan Burkitt: Hmm  Risky move.

nimchimpsky: Not had any for years, but I recall it was a fantastic drink. Shame greed and stupidity wins once again. I guess it's good ol' Wild Turkey next time I make a purchase. Gobble-Gobble.

globalise: Why not just whack up the price rather than doctor your product?

TheBoggart: Such a stupid bunch of greedy tossers. Rather than destroy their brand image by adulterating their product, the idiots at Beam Inc should have issued a press release apologising for the shortage of Maker's Mark, explaining that there had been an unprecedented increase in demand for this "wonderful" product. Of course it would have led to an even greater increase in demand, and caused even more problems of availability, but that truly wouldn't have mattered over the lifetime of their brand. Production can always be increased. Reputation can be destroyed in the twinkling of an eye (who buys Findus products right now?)

MKREDDY: I have always had high regard for this brand and I have also visited the Bardstown facility in Ky. The reputation for this has taken a hit due to their antics.