Sir Philip Green calls for overhaul of business rates

Sir Philip Green has demanded a fundamental overhaul of Britain’s business rates system to support struggling high streets.

He said the Treasury had the ability to fix the system so that the Government always receives the same tax take from retailers whatever the state of the economy, and this must change.

marco928: Green famously paid his family a £1.2billion dividend in 2005, and his business is owned by his wife who is a tax exile in Monaco.  This arrangement saves Philip Green hundreds of millions in UK taxes. Phillip Green was ranked with his family at number 17 on the Sunday Times rich list with an estimated fortune of £3.3billion. When the government fixes the plethora of rich who avoid paying taxes through 'legal' loopholes and dodgy tax schemes in the Cayman Islands, Monaco and Switzerland, then they can do something about the UK business rates, but not before.

kevinlynch1005: How about paying some f…king UK taxes, Philip, you …greedy old man?!

JohnRobinson56: Can you read - Arcadia his company, pay £150million in Business Rates - which is a Tax!

Letter_from_Captain_Swing: Arcadia's customers pay the Business Rates, it's included in the price - as is the money that (Sir) Phil sends to his wife in Monaco

Hogspace: It's beyond them to understand, beyond "he has more than me, it isn't fair"

DomesticExtremist:  “They can inflate the uniform business rate above the RPI (retail price index), so keeping their tax revenues in line. [They] fix it so they don’t lose any revenue.” Oh the irony - from the man who 'fixed' his billion pound bonus to be paid to his Monaco resident wife so that he didn't 'lose' any money to the taxman.

countrybumpkin2: And why doesn't anyone ask the question WHY these highly successful people feel the need to uproot their families and go and live abroad TAX RATES ARE TOO HIGH across the board in the UK. Business, VAT, inheritance, corporation tax, insurance, air passenger duty, fuel tax, national insurance, income tax. All of them are way way too high. People who earn a lot pay a huge percentage of their income in taxes of one sort or another so success is penalised. Good for Philip Green - people like him are the solution to this country's myriad problems; he is definitely not part of the problem. All these economic illiterates posting here would presumably be delighted when Arcadia goes bust through government trying to milk businesses

DomesticExtremist: You still haven't figured out that you are paying higher taxes so that he does not have to. Keep taking the tablets.

countrybumpkin2: Ah resorting to cheap shots rather than address the point. I understand your point but you madam are, economically speaking, not to be trusted with scissors. I repeat; Philip Green is part of the solution, not part of the problem. Keep claiming the benefits.

oldbirkonian: Perhaps if Mrs Green and her like were resident in the UK and paid tax here then smaller shop keepers might have lower rates to pay. Go lobby her Mr Green.

trampledunderfoot: How boringly predictable that Philip Green attracts such vitriol from you and others Perhaps you'd prefer Mrs Green to take her working capital and employ it somewhere else in the World where she can employ 45,000 people?  She's a shareholder, he's a director, he and his board pay tax on their earnings and Arcadia pays UK corporation tax, extortionate Business Rates and NI; though Mrs G may get a dividend based on whatever tax she pays in Monaco…so what! Perhaps if there were more Sir Philip Greens in the UK, wherever their wife may be domiciled, then a culture of risk and reward may triumph over a culture of dependency…and then perhaps we'd all pay less tax


trampledunderfoot: seaman Nonsense…you support Chinese manufacturing as the end consumer and you and the western world have been doing it for nearly 20 years. Or perhaps he should go the way of JJB, Comet et al who hadn't adapted to an ever changing world"Our support of UK manufacturing continues with 47 factories currently producing our goods" But let's not allow the facts to stand in the way of your stupidity


trampledunderfoot: Seaman So what? Manufacturing has moved East… it's a fact and the world has followed it.  Gordon Brown wanted inflation kept low and so did every Western leader; that is how they did it. You bought into it lock stock and barrel unless you whittle your furniture and spin your own wool.  He's supporting some UK manufacturing and he's supporting a 100% UK supply chain and everything that goes with it. He started a business with a 20k loan and look where he is. Now tell us what you've done with your life to employ 45,000

Oliver Jones: Why don't you lobby the government for joint tax declarations for married couples, as is the case in most of the European Union? Not only would it make life easier for millions of married people, but it would also bring Mrs. Green's earnings under the scope of UK tax.

Toby: perhaps but more likely the government would just spungk that money too. The thing with irresponsible spenders is you see, it doesn't matter how much money you give them, they will blow it. And government is like an irresponsible  child with a credit card. Even notice how idiot lottery winners end up broke again after a while? And these people always wonder why poor stay poor? Its a mind set of ignorance and a determination to stay ignorant

oldbirkonian: Oh I do agree on the spending of tax But the Greens live in some other far away world from 99% of the population and their view of life is a fantasy world most people cannot begin to understand.

CC: oldbirkonian Would you like the Greens to do a C & A job and shut down all their stores which employ thousands. At least he is supporting smaller shops who have to pay business rates whether or not they make a profit.  His rates tax bill is £150 million that could be nil if he did a C & A… What his wife is doing is not illegal, in fact the large muti national companies are getting away with far more. Best turn your attention to where all this tax take is going.

countrybumpkin2: Predictable drivel - perhaps you would like to give away more money to HMRC than you are allowed to keep for your family and spend as you see fit rather than let government fritter it away on tax credits or housing benefit for people who can't be arsed to work for a living. Philip Green worked fantastically hard and should be copied and congratulated.