Francois Hollande faces austerity revolt from own ministers

French president Francois Hollande is facing an anti-austerity revolt from his own ministers as he pushes through a fresh round of tax rises and austerity to meet EU deficit targets.

Three cabinet members have launched a joint push for a drastic policy change, warning that cuts have become self-defeating and are driving the country into a recessionary spiral.

eurobot: So Montebourg calls for an "EU"-wide "solution". So French.  Their politicians are so eurobotic they cannot see that the very thing they cling to has been their undoing:  they see the "EU" as their Prestige Political Project, just as they cling to the €. So what do the these genii do? Immediately look for ways in which their "EU" can spread their self-inflicted  misery! Great neighbours, eh?

MCDuguesclin: didn't you knw, Montebourg is our Farage? "Great neighbours, eh?" can't say that of you !!!

eurobot:  "didn't you knw, Montebourg is our Farage?" A - ha - ha - ha - haaa! You'll never get it will you? Montebourg wants the "EU" to prop France up through new insane "EU" legislation (to be made and broken).  France is addicted to it, like you. Like you, he wants to keep the "EU" - some "Farage" eh? "didn't you knw, Montebourg is our Farage?" That' really is  a corker:) Worth another - A - ha - ha - ha - haaa!

MCDuguesclin: blah blah blah, but you're addicted to bash the French

Midtown_Bookie: McLudscuegin, Au contraire monsieur! Would you rather the Poles are bashed? Or the Russians? They didn't envision this great Eurozone scheme -- France did. I believe in issuing blame to whom it is due. Also, I believe if Thatcher was in charge of Britain at the time this Euroconspiracy was invisioned, she would kept Britain completely out of the EU too and would have forged greater trading alliances with South America, the US and Canada. Margaret Thatcher would have left Europe to rot under the jackboots of the reunified Germany. You French started this Euro, fix it.

democrassy: It is to no one's credit that so many accept the misery inflicted upon them by so few. The banksters and their political stooges have robbed deposits, gold and will go after everything including your spare bedrooms to make one last buck. And to continue to put these corrupt idiots into office time and again just makes no sense.The only way to stop bullies is by giving them a severe thrashing and to convey to them that the next time they step forward they will be pulverised to dust.Farage is the only man willing to get the deed done.Vote for him and his party.

moraymint: Bonkers isn't it…

eurobot:  "Bonkers isn't it…" The terminally cracked eurobotic reflex: "Oh no, we're faced with another €U-induced catstrophe!!" Montebourg: "Right-o, I know - MORE €U FOR ALL"! Cracked, pathetic.

MCDuguesclin: et ta soeur connard?

londoncynic: Where is this famed 'austerity' - when Hollande has still taken on 60,000 public sector workers, reversed Sarkozy's decision to raise the retirement age, done nothing to reduce the size of the state and has simply put up taxes on both households and business? Like all Socialists, M. Montebourg sees the problem but cannot accept the cause - the overpowering size and cost of an unproductive state sector that is sucking the life-blood out of the productive part of the economy.  If he thinks a 'European solution' is forthcoming - i.e. a loosening of the German-held purse-strings, when Angela Merkel is in an election year, he has another think coming. The French private sector has also produced a report stating that the Financial Transactions Tax as drafted in Brussels will hit France for 70 billion euros a year and decimate their financial industry, and they aren't being listened to either.  AEP, you might want to take a look at Les Echos and Le Figaro.

MCDuguesclin: did it occur to you that these 60000 positions in education are for replacing the babyboomers that go into retirement? he didn't reverse Sarkozy's decision, only for workers that started to work at 16 ( about a thousand people) " If he thinks a 'European solution' is forthcoming - i.e. a loosening of the German-held purse-strings, when Angela Merkel is in an election year, he has another think coming" does it occur to your tiny brain that France is a net contribuator to the EU, the rescuing funds, EMS, EFSF, ECB…, so far the Germans didn't give away money that they didn't lend with INTERESTS !!!!

neverironic: @MCDuguesclin quote:- 'does it occur to your tiny brain…' we english accept that you french are a superior race.  we are so far your inferiors that we have trouble understanding the wonder of the 'Great Truths' that you find so easy to comprehend. please forgive us and continue to condescend to us.  but please, please, don't scold us any more - we are, after all, just children when compared to your towering intellect.

eurobot: "that would be the first time that you consider yourself inferior" I warned you - they just don't get irony, neverironic.

MCDuguesclin: that would be the first time that you consider yourself inferior, since all your medias are lecturing on the French inferiorness

bugalugs2: About as sensible as arguing that you simply had to buy yourself a Rolls Royce because it's just replacing your old Fiesta!  If you haven't got the cash…

MCDuguesclin: boff

bugalugs2: "The French private sector has also produced a report stating that the Financial Transactions Tax as drafted in Brussels will hit France for 70 billion euros a year and decimate their financial industry," Ah, the poor things, never mind, the City will be happy to help them out by taking over the functions of thd decimated French financial services industry… and no doubt such an 'EU solution' i.e. EU countries focussing on what they have a competitive advantage at will be welcomed by the French!

petery: So what the French are now saying is that it was okay for France to support imposing that pain on southern european countries  but when it comes to them it is different and should not apply. How typically French in the EU. They have got away with this for years supporting an uneconomic agricutural industry at vast cost to the rest of us, they ignore free market on energy and takeovers.  Its about time the went through the re-structuring we did 30 years ago

MCDuguesclin: don't say the French, but MERKOZY and IMF so sorry for the CAP, its our Rebate, but still you get half of our part, not for the farmers but for your dukes and for the queen, and the Rebate, on which the French pay the biggest part, and by far so keep your mouning for your poodle

conservativemind12: You sound pissed that your country has gone to the dogs. I like watching you squirm tbh.

MCDuguesclin: no, YOU are pissed that our country still is standing

conservativemind12: I'll just sit back and enjoy the show then.

paulw: To quote the Great Lady: "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money." The EU has run out of other people's money. And that is why it will fail.

eurobot:  It will, but they want to have a go at the biggy first - Strauss-Kahn and Lagarde in New York, remember. Never mind that the IMF was intended for 3rd world disaster zones… Reminds you of so many "€/U" rules broken over bailouts, sums intended for "natural catastrophes" etc. There was nothing "natural" about the €U ballsup engineered mainly by the French though.

MCDuguesclin: like you didn't ! Lagarde and DSK positions at IMF weren't a alone french choice, all the contribuating countries had their say about their election, didn't you know? but Britain endorsed them, like Germany, like the US, like China, like Brazil… too bad for a bad-mouthed Brit  whose passtime is to denigrate anything French