France's triumphant 'Joan of Arc' vows to bring back franc and destroy euro

Marine Le Pen is spoiling for a fight. The leader of France's Front National vows to smash the existing order of Europe and force the break-up of monetary union, if she wins the next election.

It is no longer an implausible prospect. "We cannot be seduced," she said, brimming with confidence after her party secured 46pc of the vote in a by-election earthquake a week ago. Her candidate trounced the ruling Socialists in their own bastion of Villeneuve-sur-Lot.

anationdestroyedfromwithin: I hope that she wins and that France is able to stand tall again as a free and sovereign nation. I also hope that the French remain in a clear and permanent majority in their own country. They have suffered as we have from a political elite following an agenda which is neither in the interests of their own people and nation, in fact one which will lead to the destruction of both if not stopped now.

ombzhch: As I and many others told you several times before, Europe, and Especially France, Germany and Italy are NOT united behind the EU or EURO projects, the UK MSM play to the language weakness of the Brits to project an entirely different. The French and Italians know they have to get out. The Germans just above the Rhine, in BW and Bayren despise der Oestie Hausvraw und die Juden Rechter aus Hamburg. CamMORON and your elite are playing you, again MFG, omb

Expattie: Just as a final note, far from hating you, I'm very grateful to you. My experiences in this small correspondence of ours have  emphasised for me what I already knew, that people only hear what they want to hear, all that one needs to do to be a successful commenter is to include the right buzzwords and one gets a load of recommendations. Doesn't even matter if the details of the comment are  comprehensible or not, as long as the right buzzwords are there. Danke. Merci. Adieu.

Expattie: Who are "the UK MSM" and what is the "entirely different…" that they project? Why are you trying to use German on an English-language website, and why is your German even worse than your English (Bavaria is Bayern, not "Bayren", it's "Osti" not "Oestie" and "die Hausfrau", not "der Hausvraw"). Who is/are the Juden Rechter? How did 69 people manage to recommend this gobbledygook?

Josie_Breen:  Juden rechter is "Jewish right"…why have the moderators allowed this little bit of anti-semitism (not to mention misogyny) to stand?

Expattie: (edited by author) Thanks for explaining. Perhaps it was written in German so that the moderators wouldn't notice the anti-Semitism? Indeed the rest of the bad German may also be deliberate, to put the moderators off the track.

ombzhch: Little Marxist "Expattie" the visceral Alinsky like hatred of my comments actually 88/5 show just how pathetic your understanding is, The little secret that most of Southern Europe is on the exact same page as UKIP is fatal to the portrait of these honest, patriotic people as "swivel eyed loons and fruitcakes" which is what scares you Europhile Traitors so much.Further I don't accept the Racisist card or any other of  your Marcusian Relativist Deconstruntionalism. I believe in Freedom of Speach, not the PC rubbish of your which is the legacy of your War Criminal, Blair. MFG, omb

Expattie: I've expressed my position clearly on numerous other articles on this website (e.g. Lord Tebbit's blog) as follows: "there should be an immediate referendum in the UK on the issue of EU membership. Do we want to stay in, yes or no? Let the people decide, it's our democratic right". How does that make me a "Europhile traitor"? How does that make me a Marxist? I did not express hatred of your comments anywhere. I said that they were incomprehensible, which is certainly not the same thing… unless you're paranoid. And after all your hurt posturing, you still haven't explained what you were trying to say in the original comment. Maybe you don't know yourself?

ombzhch: Is it your mother who gives you the recommends, have you heard of Almenish? Have you ever been to DACH? do people ever talk to you, certainly not Hans in the Street who knows exactly who that Jewish Lawyer from Hamburg is. MFG, omb

Expattie: I have heard of Alemannic, which is another name for Swiss German, but I've never heard of Almenish. By the way, Hans in the Street, even a Swiss Hans, would never say "die Rechter" because it's a masculine word, therefore "der Rechter". I repeat, I am not expressing hatred for your opinions, I'm pointing out that your use of English and your use of German is so bad and so strange and so cryptic that no-one could understand it. So, if no one can understand it, why does anyone recommend it? I neither like nor dislike your comments, I simply can't understand them in either English, German or Alemannic.

Expattie: Lord Tebbit writes in his latest blog entry, "… it weakens one's arguments to always suggest that any one of a different view must be daft…" By the way, you still haven't explained what your original comment means.

Mikesomerset: If she does win and pray to god she does, we may well see the true nature of the Europhile socialists emerge. 'Tanks' may come in the form of 'hate speech' crimes and  arrest/ jail for Le Pen and an annulment of the election.  There is a reason the EU project has lasted this long, the individuals behind it are fanatical neo Marxists and will stop at nothing to create united socialist Europe.

sircomespect: You wonder if Cameron and Obama would stand in support of Le Penn on the grounds of supporting democracy, or will they too show themselves as the shallow treacherous leeches they really are.

gamesinvestor: I would be prepared to fight against this, wouldn't you? The EU project if continued will certainly lead to civil war.

fithsk: They have already started. A committee in the European Parliament has recommended to the Parliament that the immunity of Marine Le Pen be lifted so she can be prosecuted in France for having said that illegal Muslim prayers blocking entire streets are an occupation of French territory. MEPs will vote on this in the coming days, and I expect a socialist show of political correctness.

ombzhch: You can be sure, Bien Sur, of it! Grüss, omb

unclefester: Let them arrest her - it will make her victory at the election a certainty - the French do like a good martyr.

Ethelwulf: Let's hope that in every sovereign European nation a Marine Le Penn rises and destroys the hegemony of the liberal elite.

phillemin: So Marine Le Pen got 46% of the vote and smashed the Socialists? This is the best news from Europe for months!  So the Socialist EU will arrest her and charge her with Islamophobia? So they fight perceived fascism with brute fascism! I must admit I'm a little in love with Madame Le Pen.  All we in England need now is our very own Boudicca…

flexico: Ethelwulf: Re: "Let's hope that in every sovereign European nation a Marine Le Penn rises and destroys the hegemony of the liberal elite." Enjoy this:

girolamo: A forty-five minute speech by Nigel Forage! You must be joking.

kingcanute: Sadly, it will take outright revolution to beat these people, and it won't be at all easy - they have the Police as the instruments of the State and they have outlawed weapons for just this reason. These people are not of us, they are our enemies and they will do ANYTHING to retain the status quo.