Europe 'falling behind US and blighted by energy costs'

Europe is falling dangerously far behind the US in productivity growth and is blighted by crippling energy costs, the pan-EU industry federation has warned.

“Europe doesn’t have an energy policy. It has a climate policy,” said Markus Beyrer, head of BusinessEurope.

hospitaller: You can't power a developed economy with windmills. That was obvious a long time ago. People are too stupid to come in out of the rain for getting themselves caught in this flagrantly stupid mess. It serves you losers right.

globalcity: That is the main point behind the whole thing. End industrial society and save the world and our souls from acquisitiveness, leaving us all spiritually pure to pay homage to Gaia. They are radical lunatics. If you can run an industrial society on windmills, even a nascent one then it would have taken longer for steam engines to take over from them…but they didn't.

Zantedeschia: "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity." Famous quote.

patriot1721: Europe doesn’t have an energy policy. It has a climate policy,” said Markus Beyrer, head of BusinessEurope. Europe-and especially the UK- doesn't have a climate policy, it has a tax policy being hidden BENEATH a climate policy.

sonofboudicca: Well said.

drjonathanwilson: The future belongs to those countries that understand that competitive advantage flows from the lowest marginal cost of energy. For the UK that means exploiting its own abundant natural energy resources namely coal and gas without the slightest consideration for the myth of global warming. Keep the air we breath clean certainly, but that is easily achieved at low cost with coal and gas. Such an energy policy is beyond the vision of the dud duo of Mr. Cameron and Mr. Osborne. Thus we need new leadership for the UK and that means voting UKIP at every available opportunity. Jonathan

gbdorset: It is not just the cost of energy - just wait for the protracted power cuts. These will be far more impactful than those of the early 70's in the pre computer age. And all for what? The false idol of AGW.

moraymint: For about a decade my money has been on the UK experiencing a full-on (or perhaps that should be 'full-off') energy crisis commencing in about 2015. I see no evidence to adjust my assessment. The period 2015 - 2025 in the UK will be chaotic from an energy perspective. Since energy ('the ability to do work') is absolutely vital to the functioning of our complex, industrial society then we really are fast approaching 'interesting times'. Meantime, the main effort of the political elites these days is to figure out ever more complex and suffocating schemes to raise taxes on citizens. The writing's on the wall for the remainder of my life and for the lives of my children. Yet even now most people are blissfully unaware of the trajectory of our society.

Tom Anderson: There will be rioting if the power goes off, and it wont just be the chavs this time.

CitrusElement: moraymint - only if the happy-clappy enviro lunatics get their way. The world is AWASH with cheap energy. Britain has at least 500 years worth of coal left, there is 1,000 years of shale gas in Lancs alone which is easy and cheap to get at. Then there is the revolution in oil shale in the US. The US is now producing more oil than ever before and is practically energy independent. There are billions and billions of barrels of new oil discoveries happening all over the world almost on a weekly basis. The one thing we humans do not lack is energy - we are swimming in it. The only reason your pessimism might come true is if the green idiots get their way. They want us to return to living in caves. They have dreamt up and propagated the myth about global warming because of their own inadequacies, namely they do not like progress because they are too dumb/depressed to participate.

meerschaum: And the green madness continues directly from Miliband to Osborne. You cannot run heavy industry from wind turbines, you cannot energise an economy when fuel bills rise to insane levels. Cameron has no guts as well. Stuff the EU, reopen Didcot power station, get the coal stations fully going, and why oh why oh why is Drax being converted to burn woodchips…shipped in all the way from the USA?  Lunacy.  

boudicca: The EU's 'energy policy' is to cripple industry, levy astronomical fuel taxes and freeze elderly people to death in the name of "climate change." LibLabCON have all cheerfully gone along with this policy - doing as the Kommissars instruct and killing 6000 elderly people this extended winter in the UK. But never mind:  Cameron's father-in-law is making £hundreds of thousands a year by installing taxpayer-subsidised windmills on his land;  Mrs Clegg is making a fortune as well and so is Tim Yeo.  So they won't be changing policy any time soon.

Titus__Pullo: All these windmills may be useful come the day of reckoning for the political and bankster elites. We're going to need to all the gibbets we can get.

Mikesomerset: More "Green" lunacy, faux environmentalism and the socialism that comes with it  will bring Britain to its knees.  There has never been a better time for the UK to leave the EU mess and let it implode.  We need to ditch the insane fuel duty,  the Climate Change Act and supposedly "sustainable" policys.  There is nothing sustainable about crippling the economy and bankrupting pensioners through fuel bills.  Why is it that the left are so keen on importing as many third worlders and possible, thus unsustainably increasing the population of this small island. But are also apparently so concerned about climate change, they dont want people to drive cars??  Lets just face it climate change is the left's godsend, the threat of assured mass destruction unless the state is given extra powers and the ability to levy even greater taxes.  Vote UKIP!!!! Hopefully we see a true Conservative party and UKIP coalition 2020!

clandulla:   What makes you think leaving the EU is going to change anything? Within the EU, nobody does PC, pseudo-environmental heart-on-the-sleeve tree-hugging bulls¤¤¤ better than the Brits. I live in France where the French are now in the happy position of producing 85+% of their electricity from nuclear power. Why? Well it has got absolutely nothing to do with environmentalism and everything to do with the fact that French coal reserves ran out after WWII. The problem for the Brits is not even pseudo-environmentalism. The real problem is that nothing ever gets done if it has a completion time horizon past the next general election. With possibly the world's most useless self-serving politicians, Britain's energy (and transport) infrastructure is on the brink of a decades-long crisis through indecision caused by interminable consultation processes, planning committees, impact statements, commissions of enquiry and legal appeals all of which can be summed up as paralysis through analysis. If you ever get to see a 'true' Conservative party and UKIP alliance in 2020, it will only be during daylight hours.

elliemaesgrandad: * Hopefully we see a true Conservative party and UKIP coalition 2020! * The true Conservative Party exists no longer. The true conservative party is UKIP. Former 'true Conservatives' welcome.

Antiehypocrite:  Indeed the UK MUST engage in fracking. Who cares that it poisons the water supply (US frackers are exempt from the Clean Water Act + they do not have to disclose what comprises fracking fluid). Who cares that it blights the land. We MUST have growth!  We MUST have energy! At all costs dammit. 

Titus__Pullo: And we also want the finest wines known to humanity. We want them here and we want them now.

Guest: VOTE  Conservative for the referendum

drjonathanwilson:  Guest I think that you will find that Mr. Cameron is not offering an In/Out referendum. Mr. Cameron is offering a conditional referendum which turns it into an In/In referendum. Mr. Cameron is not even original in his deceit - he is using the same deceitful device as the Labour PM, Mr. Wilson used in winning that referendum. To avoid being duped twice, simply vote UKIP at every available opportunity. Jonathan

next_little_owl: "… which turns it into an In/In referendum."  A clarification: "… which turns it into *no* referendum." 

elliemaesgrandad: Cameroon is not offering a referendum. He's trying to offer an illusion of a possibility, just as he's trying to fool us about everything.

disqusted: Leaving the bureaucratic, corrupt and dilatory EU is essential if this country is not to follow Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Cyprus into complete financial chaos. And then the government needs to secure our energy and food supplies. That means investing in both renewable and conventional forms of energy, supporting our beleaguered farmers and getting our population under control i.e. reducing it. However, I wouldn't use the USA as a yardstick. Their economy is frail; they have huge regional unemployment problems themselves and they are up to the their in debt to China et al. But at least they understand the significance of energy-independence - to which this government is seemingly blind.