German euro founder calls for 'catastrophic' currency to be broken up

Oskar Lafontaine, the German finance minister who launched the euro, has called for a break-up of the single currency to let southern Europe recover, warning that the current course is "leading to disaster".

"The economic situation is worsening from month to month, and unemployment has reached a level that puts democratic structures ever more in doubt," he said.

cargill55: UKIP has been proved correct on the euro and it is correct that the eu impoverishes Britain and steals our sovereignty. Liblab still wants us in the euro. Liblabcon wants us in the EU. UKIP wants us out of both, Britain first with common sense policies.

TruthDestroysWorlds: The main purpose of the debt based currencies that we now ALL currently labour under, has been to enslave entire nations. To remove our freedoms and impoverish us all. To bring us all under the control of a tyrannical New World Order. I am with you, it is UKIP for me too.

ultimatequestion: And enslave our children and grandchildren to one day somehow paying those debts off, either through taxation, or massive currency devaluations

Ragwin: "The main purpose of the debt based currencies that we now ALL currently labour under, has been to enslave entire nations." Actually, financial debt has been around since the 5th century BC in Athens, and probably earlier than that.  Debt exists regardless of what is used as a currency. You can have gold ans silver debt too, in fact that was what has existed for most of history. And interest rates were about 25%. "To bring us all under the control of a tyrannical New World Order." Whereas your plan is to buy some gold and become the new financial tyrant. "I am with you, it is UKIP for me too." And yet there is nothing in their manifesto about returning to a gold standard.

bigron:  Shyster ragcrap, It is about who creates our fiat money supply out of thin air. At the moment it is international bankers, whereas it should be elected national governments. Begone with your deceit.

Ragwin: "It is about who creates our fiat money supply out of thin air. At the moment it is thieving international bankers, whereas it should be elected national governments." What makes you think that money creation by national governments would be any more intelligent?

bigron: Why should international bankers be able to create our money out of thin air? Why should they be able to use this power to enslave the nations of our world?

crafford: The sad thing, bigron, is that the vast majority of people do not understand the truths you write of - they just can't grasp the concept of money being created, at will, by private banks.  They do not realise that 97% of the money in circulation is electronic - not backed by anything at all, except blind faith. Furthermore, this money is directed towards assets that these private banksters want to inflate - and later deflate when money supply is reigned-in - thus making billions upon billions of dollars / pounds for themselves. The whole system is iniquitous.  See:

Ragwin: So what's your alternative to this sytem?

andre_t:  well using the word "Shyster" you come very close to who creates the money from thin air. On another point of total control, the EU (as in the US) wants us to use a limited number of seeds, well Monsanto (USreal) will have control over our food production

foxie: As an ex-metals sector trader who had his own brokerage firm, I'm sure Nigel Farage knows a lot more about the precious metals wrt Forex markets than either George Osborne or Ed Balls… UKIP have all their bases covered.

$28566814: Piffle! No one with any sense would trust him with anything more than a pickup of scrap iron. Balls on the other hand is an economist who worked for the FT and is respected by academic economists without axes to grind… You might sharpen your own btw.

Bobuk: Is that the same Balls who blathers like an imbecile all through PMQ's? What a mighty intellect! Oh nearly forgot…and was instrumental in all of Brown's policies?

$28566814: Which were instrumental to the longest period of growth in UK modern history, avoided the recession the USA & Germsny fell into 2001/2 and saved Britain from catastrophe in the WW Recession. Read economics, not DT propaganda.

Bobuk: All based on borrowed money, I could have a hell of a life style if I borrowed and spent twice as much as I earn. The economy was only growing during Browns debarcle because of a boom based on spending money the country borrowed. Take away unfunded (by tax) government spending and of course the economy  slows down.  Read economics not socialist propaganda.

$28566814: Read academics who know what they're writing about It's not socialism, it's science. Oh and try a course instead of whiffle promoted by tax avoider/evaders who own the DT comic.

bigron: You speak the truth Destroyer! UKIP for our nations government. God deliver us from the fraudulent evil which has infested the banking system for over a 100 years. I was driving around today, and saw a lot of Union Jacks. We our the best, and they fear our awakening!

cargill55: I think patriotism is going to be really important over the next few years, mad Liblabcon is trying to steal our country from us.

magicmoonbeam2:  They already have. The English will be a minority ethnic  group within the next 30 years.  Demographics is destiny.

philsanuk: Indeed at current birth rates, the UK will become an Islamic nation is 30 years or less, this is the legacy of New Labour yet so many numpties would still vote for them.

DP111: For a dozen years Muslim men were preying on young white girls, and exploiting them for sex.  It is inconceivable that the authorities did not know about this. There is something truly hideous about the crimes that has been committed by the establishment, particularly Labour for electoral gain  It is so hideous that no paper can openly state it, for they are either ashamed or complicit  War crime trials were held by the Allies to try German Nazis. But how does one prosecute those who have betrayed their own civilisation, even to the extent of betraying children, whose safety was in their keeping? Now we are confronted by an Islamic future.

cargill55: All the more reason to keep pushing for honest, common sense and patriotic politics as espoused by UKIP.

robnorthlondon : Check the wikipage for Peter Sutherland He thinks unlimited immigration is necessary everywhere to undermine any sense of homogeneity anyone might have within within their nations And judging by the number of awards he has been given and the range of his employment record you could be forgiven for reaching yourr own conclusions about where people like him see human beings in the future I would interpret it as being reduced to employees and consumers so Banks can lend safely to Corporations without Western labour costs disadvantaging them versus thier Chinese banking and corporate competition with their lower overheads and lower wage costs and zero health and safety commitments in many cases And in case thier is any friction between cultures, doubtless his kind will just rely on anti racism laws and celebrating diversity etc… The problem with that for me is that the EU which is anti - nation state and says so is playing into the hands of the Banks and Corporates versus Nation states power game by attempting the delivery of 500 million euro - serfs to this awful cabal between central banking and Socialism via political correctness/equal opps law/ multiculturalism /hate speech laws / etc etc . The more diversity a nation has the less it is a nation and the less coherent voice it can sustain to develop law that protects its citizens from corporate abuse in employment or in what they buy from the corporations. And of course the Socialist ethos has sold out for eternal power to reduce us all to equally dumberd down / equally impoverished / equally exploited / equally repressed Liberty from external interference in our Nation State's affairs has never been more crucial than it is now Our political class are largely a bunch of career politician traitors with the likes of Clegg and Milliband near the top of the list for being pro euro and pro EU. Patriotism needs to be defended against all the slurs the liberal fascists and the EU lackeys and the BBC will hurl. The Sovereign Nation State matters enormously because humans seek groups for identities and if there is no Nation State for them to attach themselves to, irrespective of faith or colour etc, they will create thier own groupings and conflict will arise much more quickly regardless of all the moralising about diversity and political correctness

cargill55: I agree with everything you say. I see Nigel Lawson now thinks we should exit the EU. We can only save this country by exiting the EU and forcing Liblabcon to respect this country again. UKIP is our only hope