EU arms second front in China trade war with Huawei probe

The European Commission is poised to launch an anti-dumping probe against Chinese mobile companies Huawei and ZTE, opening a second front in its escalating trade clash with China.

The EU’s trade police in Brussels secured support from all 27 commissioners for action last week, and last-ditch efforts to reach a solution appear to have failed. “The clock is ticking,” said an official.

dacorum: "The Commission has the power to act unilaterally, even if several EU states are luke-warm or oppose sanctions." That one sentence sums up much that is wrong with the EU.  The Commission are unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats who taken powers away from individual countries and the electorate. Their idiocy will lose jobs and start a trade war and EU governments, including ours, will still support membership of the EU and government by these unaccountable fools!    

jpv624: Great UK business men "Oh we must stay in the EU at all costs"!!!! What so these idiots can wreck the trade with the one country in the world that would help the EU out of recession. I always know europeans were stupid but never realised just how stupid. Lets just get out, arrange our own free trade agreements with the USA and BRICK and Commonwealth.

Calorus: Have you missed the fact that China hates us at the moment for meeting the Dalai Lama?

donkeylogic: They get all emotional… but EVERYTHING for Chinese is negotiation/fighting points - everything. What worries me is that not only is the EU chock full of naivete, weakness,ill preparedness and a grand pile of chinless pocket-liners, it is also disconnected and linear. China will have a complete field day, unless and until, we develop proper smarts and proper alternatives to their blackmail. We don't have to throw a strop - just get smart ( and a little bit nasty - but with a smile)

birney: they have hated us since we shafted them in the opium wars and they will have their revenge

Calorus: To be honest, that's pretty fair.

glum: Which country is 'K'?   Korea? North? Hehehe

Christopher-trier:  No! No free trade agreements with the USA! Anything but that! Trade with the US, of course, but keep them at a distance. They are not to be trusted. It is like dealing with a superficial France, just many times bigger.

littleenglander1: Hear hear!

drjonathanwilson: Yet another case for Britain to leave the EU. You often hear the false argument that the EU represents  substantial bargaining power because of its size. The economic reality is that size advantages are easily competed away by those who are flexible, agile and adaptable. Indeed size is an argument for sclerosis, low rates of innovation and a process of degrading rather than upgrading competitive advantage. This is especially true if the "bloc" size is socialist orientated with redistribution of wealth through high taxes as its modus operandi A small state, low tax, highly responsive Britain outside of the constraints of the EU, would not be a Britain in decline, but a Britain with, once again, an expanding range of world beating high value added industries. If a highly responsive Britain to world markets is your vision then the way forward is clear - vote UKIP. Jonathan

dandaniels:  Great comments.

lol:  If anything it is an argument for the EU - Do you honestly think that China would not use the size of its internal market as a barganing chip with small states - either you refuse to see the Dali Lama/accept Huawei products or we stop you from selling in China. Happens all the time. Cameron has not even met the new president of China, who has been around the world twice.


bridgebuilder78: Easy there Tojo… You don't want to end up at the receiving end of Chinese Instant Sunshine.

Dan_de_Lion: Germany is very pro Europe when it is good for Germany.  Not so pro when it is not. Who would have thought?

edhooper:  Dan_de_Lion But that's at the heart of the EU problem. Firstly we joined the club too late. The founder members had already cast the die. And more importantly we don't play to the same rules as the rest of them. We aren't perfect by any stretch of the imagination but as a general rule of thumb the rest of europe get away with as much as they can when it comes to implementing directives. Topically, from January of next year the UK will enforce the olive oil directive to the letter. In France it didn't even make the news and will be ignored.

dalai guevara: …as for the smoking ban, as for H&S legislation, as for no longer having street parties without taking out £1million insurance to cover for some pizzhead tripping over a curb, as for not being allowed to build MY million quid house paid with MY money on MY land in the countryside. We all understand that the EU is the scapegoat. It's easy, they don't talk back. But we all know who really is to blame. Our lot want to be the better fascists - well it's not working.

Aussie Andrew: Euro world tries to stop the good affordable stuff coming from China and yet does nothing to prevent terrorists building more and more mosques. Go to Saudi Arabia an lodge plans to build a Christian Church in Mecca and see what the result is.

Arthur Penny: So the penny is finally dropping that China has been engaged in economic warfare against the West for the last 20 years and is winning.