Economic focus should shift from the BRICs to Africa’s emerging markets

Just as the green shoots of recovery are appearing in the UK, and positively sprouting upwards in the US, so it seems that the so-called BRIC economies – Brazil, Russia, India and China – are slowing.

Why is this happening and does it suggest a waning of the whole Emerging Market phenomenon which has so influenced the world over the past two decades?

oxforddon: Nigeria is a great place to invest.  A Nigerian banker recently wrote to me and said he had won £60 million.  He would invest 10% with me if I gave him my bank details.  I don't even know this bloke. Lovely, generous people.  With that sort of mindset the possibilities are endless… :)  

Pheasant_Plucker: Yes Africa is a great unregulated market place. They are not restricted by laws, regulators etc. Corruption/graft is a way of life so but that is just their way one must get used to. I think you already missed the boat on Nigeria as they have many established businesses. I suggest Somalia as the ultimate free market!

FarQinell: Roger Bootle wouldn't survive two minutes in free enterprise crime ridden Nigeria. His article is total nonsense.

bill40: oxford, If only life was like my email inbox. I would be a multi millionaire, my member would be 24 feet long, I'd have the sexual stamina of Boris the Bonker  and be dating a new hot girl in my local area every night. Can someone have a word with Carlsberg…?

Gilobrero: I suggest you go and spend a year in Nigeria Roger, working for a real company doing a real job… Like a colleague of mine who spend the last 30 years  working in places like Saudi and Nigeria  with some of the biggest names about in mining and Oil like  Aramco and Rio Tinto and Newmount, heavily involved in the labor hiring and management I trust him more than anyone on the planet and when he says that anyone investing in Africa and especially Nigeria  needs their heads examining. He says he cannot tell how many wildly optimistic and salivating gagging for the action cretins have flown into Lagos with a suitcase full of cash and  departed either in a box or the belly of a croc or just lucky to have escaped.

John K.: What about the East European Countries that are making slower progress than African nations? You want stuff to happen in 10-50 years, when the western world took 300+ years to get to where it is today. And they built most of their wealth from free labour (i.e slaves). Be a bit more realistic.

nohopeforthisplace:  The 'racist' card is played. You forgot 'fascist' but I expect you'll make up for it next time. Gilobrero is dead right and your arguments are the same old drivel dished up endlessly by braindead liberals.

nothingbutthetruth:   - simply ignore him and don't rise to his bait.  The UK is filled to capacity with people just like him, they pretend to be intelligent commentators, but its simply a front for deep racism.  Simply console yourself with the fact that people such as him are probably not doing so well in life, and will forever remain as part of the 'rump' of British society, with nothing to look forward to but an ever declining living standard.Meanwhile, those of us in the know quietly set about making our fortunes in the land of opportunity, where development and growth has been put at the heart of the economic agenda.  You see, Nigeria has FINALLY woken up to the fact that all the West wants to do is continue the unabated rape and pillage of our resources, upon which Britain was actually built.  They realise that only they can save themselves, not Westerners showing up bearing 'gifts' of aid, whilst they steal hundreds of times more than this using their favourite tools of oppression, the fabled IMF and World Bank.   Now based in Lagos, I can see first hand the truly enormous economic revival taking place, and the foreign partner of choice are the Chinese, not the imperialist West.  Opportunities abound everywhere, across a wide range of sectors, and I'm here claiming my little piece of it, not to extract from the country, but rather, to reinvest in the people and the country.  Nigeria will officially overtake South Africa as the largest economy in Africa next year, and is expected to double in size within 10 years.   Oh, and one final thing.  Many may not be aware, but it ceased to be the BRIC countries as far back as 2010, with the inclusion of South Africa.  It is in fact the BRICS - no surprise that the Brits don't actually know this.  In 2 years, it will officially be the BRINKS, with the introduction of Nigeria.  Meanwhile, the average British keyboard warrior will continue to espouse their racist ignorance on a myriad of discussion boards, whilst the rest of the world leaves them behind.  Tragic.  Truly Tragic.

huggy_bear: South Africa was tacked on to the BRIC out of sheer political correctness. It's nowhere near as important to the world economy as Brazil or Russia. The main reason Nigeria is overtaking SA as Africa's largest economy is the economic devastation wrought by "black empowerment" in SA.

nothingbutthetruth: They say it's better to be silent and let people merely suspect you are ignorant, than to speak and have it confirmed. Your ignorance is so totally breathtaking, its rather funny.  There is a certain poetic justice in all of it though, as I don't doubt that a great many Brits share your views.  Its therefore gratifying to see the slow decay of the once Great Britain, now infested with your like, hankering after the glorious days of empire.  Where "whites" were able to rape and pillage the blacks in SA ad infinitum.  Ah - those were the days weren't they.   The days of Apartheid in Zimbabwe, where the "white" farmers freely stole all the arable land in the country and got filthy rich, whilst the blacks toiled for them, and were hung from trees for insolence.  Damn that pesky "black empowerment".  Damn that Robert Mugabe, for throwing our white backsides out.   You are the embodiment of all that's wrong with modern day Britain.  I truly pity you.  And I speak as a Black Briton of Nigerian heritage, a man who loves both Britain and Nigeria.

John K.: Thanks brother! I agree with you wholeheartedly. Let them think what they want and let us get on with our work. :) While they are in slumber. Umoja. I'm going back to Africa as soon as my online ventures are up and running properly here. I'm here to do as they did to us, take advantage of the land and bring the wealth back home!

foxenburg: @John K. Sincerest best wishes in your efforts to "bring the wealth back home to Africa." With luck you will motivate fellow Africans in Europe that in fact Africa is the best place for them to be. More power to your elbow.

TheAceOfSpades: Impressively wide-ranging and rigorous analysis: 'I met this bloke down the pub, and he said…' 

malcolmfromyorkshire:  I tell you what, I'd sooner trust the man down the pub than articles in the Telegraph these days.

mrpoohead: Nigeria? Their main industry is scamming isn't it?

derek bevan: Certainly,also cruelty and corruption. Which we have,and,continue to  import.

John K.: Yes, according to the white supremacist western media. And all africans live in huts and in desserts and are starving.… // good day

GladysPew:  What, how can be be starving if they live in desserts?

John K.: I guess trolls rome even websites that are meant to be for the more intellectually advanced. Good day.

GladysPew:  It's 'roam' not 'rome' you thicko!

John K.: Maybe so, but I still speak 3 other languages. How many do you speak? :) Let me guess, cockney LOL.

GladysPew:  And you don't speak sense in any of them. What are your other 2 languages? Pidgin French and Bantu?