Del Boy Blair peddles immigration myths

Big business support for his new pro-Europe campaign is nothing but naked self-interest, argues Jeff Randall.

Brilliant news for Eurosceptics: Tony Blair will this week wade into the debate over Britain’s membership of the European Union, claiming that our place at the “top table” has never been more important. At a speech in London, he will seek to rally business leaders behind his campaign for a “grand plan” to bolster the EU’s wobbling edifice.

smartrrrs: 3 million immigrants came into the country in the last ten years of Labour and at least 1 million (gross figure) have come in since the coalition took power . When you add this to say at least 5 million immigrants (underestimate?) already here that comes to 9 million. If you then add around 1 million illegals you reach ten million in a population of 60 million, around 16% of the population. Birth rates will finish the job of transforming the UK in less than 50 years, plus the fact that the immigration process in still ongoing. The Labour Party and the international globalisation fascists have ensured that Britain will be 80% mixed race  or 'multicultural' in 50 years time or less-that is the project hinted at by Andrew Nethers in his exposure of Labour's plan and it is well on target. Meanwhile native British people prefer quiet streets and the countryside, and our population is declining, yet Britain's population grows and thus its countryside threatened. Why? Because the idiots we have in charge have decided that the preferences of the British people are worthless and can be ignored, in order to increase Britain's population and then to build on Britain's countryside. And to enforce this desecration of what we British hold dear, the idiots we have in charge have pretended there is a "taboo" about the colonisation of the British homeland.  For the idiots we have in charge, Britain is merely a cash cow and the British people can be treated with contempt.

stonewood: When a country has been invaded against the wishes of the indigenous population then the indigenous population should feel free to deal with the invaders and those traitors who facilitated the invasion in any way that they see fit. In this country we keep voting for the traitors and protect the interests of the invaders. For instance, am I the only one who can see that the rights of the UKIP fostering couple have been infringed whilst at the same time failing to understand why they (or any indigenous people) would want to foster colonisers? And please don't call me unfeeling or brutal but feel free to call me consistent in my views.

andytravers: Maybe they are just charitable people. It is not those children's fault they are here. I agree they should not be here but what would you do with them? We can shut the stable door by severely restricting further immigration but the horse has already bolted. No matter how wrong it was this immigration cannot be undone, what we now have to do is manage the situation and we do not do this by allowing the creation of ghettos in our cities or having multilingual signs in every hospital and all the other myriad of well meaning but dumb ideas. We have to integrate these people to our way of life not the other way round. This will happen over a generation or two as has occurred with previous immigration in our history and you can see it now with some young ladies clearly of asian descent who dress, like our own young ladies, shall we say, somewhat immodestly.

alastairsnare: Andy. Absolutely agree. I don't blame any foreigner at all for wanting to make their home here, whether they be a young graduate from France looking to start a career and prepared to accept a lower graduate salary than his British equivalent or a Somalian goatherder who has found out he can transport his family here, have a house provided by the State and simply live off benefits and get free education and healthcare for his family. Such people are just acting as rational economic agents. Who here would turn down a gift of £50 from a stranger with no strings attached? The people I blame are those Britons at the top of government and Big Business who have allowed such people to take advantage of the largesse that ordinary Britons don't think we should be giving… I certainly wouldn't blame any children from abroad who have found themselves here due to lax immigration policies!!!

eric_the_scot: Anybody immigrating to these shores has  a responsibility to fit-in and accept the cultural norms,  no matter the  conditions the government of the day imposes.   Immigrants who think it ok to come walk about in public  with there face covered is unsuitable for settlement here.

stonewood: These people will not integrate into our way of life as they have been given their own little cultural planets to operate in. As their population rises there will be ever more "democratic" pressure from them for more colonisation from the "home country" to maintain the differences. The integration horse is the one that has bolted as it bolted in Glasgow due to Irish immigration accounting for 35% of the population. That is the reason there are companies in Glasgow that refuse to fly the Union Flag. And for avoidance of doubt, a willingness to integrate is neither here nor there. Or do you believe that anyone from any part of the world can simply swan into the country because they claim to want to be British? How big do you think this country is? Re-patriation is the only answer that can balance the lack of the democratic vote that allowed these people entry in the first place and pre-empt the next wave of colonisation. And no amount of "we're British we don't behave that way" or "we're not Nazis you know" will change that fact. This country never became what it once was, even relatively recently, by admitting defeat so easily.

Axiom3142: Enough said.

edithcrowther: Yes, Axiom, that's what tends to happen to immigrants in some countries.

Axiom3142: Mmmh, though hacking to death an old man takes a particular form of primitive savagery - almost a trade-mark or brand. It's not as though they can balance their people's achievement with anything great in the sciences, arts and intellectual spheres in general. Progress doesn't tend to happen to some countries :)

mhill4: Your 'generation or two' is not acceptable. You seem to forget, or at least conveniently fail to mention, that every day immigration has a devastating effect on those who are victims of immigrant crime, or have their right to benefits denied because the of the cost of immigrants. Our native victims, poorly, vulnerable and elderly deserve to have their problems addressed immediately, not in one or two generations.  If we were to take this approach, how many people do you think are going to have their lives wrecked as a direct result of being robbed, raped, tortured or murdered by an immigrant? I would imagine the surviving family of the poor girl whose sister and best friend were tortured to death by her ex-Afghanistan boyfriend in front of her, would love to rewind their lives.  Imagine if the Afghan animal had not been allowed here in the first place? I think your attitude is not realistic and does not address immediate problems. We need to copy Singaporean policy.  No benefits of any kind whatsoever for immigrants.  No more free housing, clothing, food, education, etc, etc, etc. We would then see an immediate exodus.  Do you thing England would be nearly as attractive a place to live if the freebies benefit system were withdrawn?

andytravers: mhill4 It may surprise you but I do agree with nearly all of what you say.

mhill4: I think many English people look around and are completely dumbfounded and devastated at what has become of our lovely country. Blair should be hung. His supporters are treacherous filth; I would have them banned from this country along with the immigrants.

peckham_street_girl: I like Eastern Europeans and Italians etc. It is only 1 kind I don't like . The ones who cause all the trouble and they mainly come from 2 places: north hafrica and pakistan

eric_the_scot: …and W Indies.

GeoffPiggott: Andy, Integration is genocide.  Got it?  Either we English live without foreigners minoritising and replacing us; or we do not.  Integration is the fastest way to the latter. You ask what else we could do… The basic necessities: 1. End immigration completely. 2. Enforce existing law on illegal immigrants. 3. Repeal all race legislation.  Restore full freedom of speech and association. 4. Licence some immigrants to remain and work in reserved occupations, until further notice. 5. ID register all ethnic minority respondees to the 2011 Census.  After a period of grace, non-respondees to the Census who do not come forward to be declared illegal. 6. Favour our own people in all public sector employment and in educational selection. The stick: Pass legislation to 1. Ban poligymy. 2. Ban animal slaughter without stunning. 3. Ban genital mutilation. 4. End the development of mosques. 5. Retrospectively declare all post-war asylum cases illegitimate. 6. End welfare payments to UK accounts of non-indigenous claimants. The carrot: 1. Offer short-term welfare and/or grants for re-settlement in any other country, collectable only in that country. 2. Offer training and development grants, again payable in that country. 3. Tie overseas aid budge wholly to structural development of receiving states, where required. Just off the top of my head.  It wouldn't be pretty.  But it's a lot better than the race-war we will have sooner or later otherwise: It's also a lot better than doing nothing and watching our people die.

loftybill: andytravers                             'what would you do with them?'       You could make the conditions such that they would rather leave the country to more generous pastures. If child benefit was axed and other benefits such as housing and unemployment cut drastically I'm sure we would see a mass exodus.

Lickyalips: Making the cruel ritual slaughter of animals, known as halal, illegal, would dramatically reduce the number of religion of peaceists.

denc: and kosher ? - its the same

magwitch: Ok, loftybill, their parents should not have come, but these are children. Do you really think it's a good idea to send them off to a country they probably don't even know?

UK_OUT: Yes , they are not the White mans burden. We need living space as well , Europe for Europeans