Britain's baby boom will affect our economy more than anything Mark Carney does

Over time, babies matter far more to an economy than even the cleverest of central bankers. The wealth of nations is determined by how many workers they host, and how productive their citizens are.

That means that Britain’s extraordinary baby boom – births are at their highest level since 1972 – will end up proving immensely more significant to our long-term prosperity than whatever tweaks to monetary policy Mark Carney, the Bank of England’s new Governor, chooses to introduce.

fucofnski: What staggering ignorance and stupidity! The worlds population has grown almost three fold in the last 60 years from 2.5 billon in 1956  to 7 billion in 2011. The UK population is now at 70 million and save for a few island states,  the South of England is the most overcrowded place on earth. The so called Malthusians you talk of are backed up by millennium of historical fact, natural parallels in all species and natural inevitability. This continuing pressure from over population will inevitably result in a "natural" adjustment - from plague, famine, war or disease. Nature will readjust the balance unless we take action to manage our own excessive population explosion.  Far from offering an economic benefit the more likely outcome is civil war and civil unrest as the pressure on resources and space increases individual and "multi cultural " tensions. The idiocy of multiculturalism  will only make this worse as groups that have been encouraged to keep their own identity revet to their own types in times of stress and distress.  

pretty_polly: More? The wrong sort no doubt, which is why the Brits face extinction, and all at their own expense too. Representative democracy without elector chosen referendums = third world Britain and the obliteration of the long term settled British people.

timwel: Its also staggering with 3m unemployed, especially with generation Y, that we import more labour and their families who are producing generation Z . I think this problem has already been solved, but the 3m will remain unemployed.

easyp: Staggering? No the elite responsible for this hate your white middle of the road middle class ways so they want to impose this on your country to change it irreversibly. Remember the BBC director saying how horribly white it was? Yes I know I am horrible old rascist. Actually I used to be a tolerant middle of the road kind of bloke but have watched this unfold and feel enraged by how little one could do to question it under Labour let alone stop it!

haphaestus: If a group of people entered your home with the intention of murdering your family and stealing your property do you not have a moral obligation to use LETHAL force to destroy them. Mass immigration is GENOCIDE.  Mass immigration is Mass Murder. Mass immigration is robbery. Have a nice day. (Sorry polly, I love your posts, but the ballot box will not save you!)

JohanKarrann:  Very good post. There is no way in hell "voting" will solve anything. A society with an ideology that sees displacement of its indigenous population as a moral good can't be altered by slight change in policy. The ideology itself must be ruthlessly annihilated. 

Jonathan Burkitt: Actually the UK population is 62.7m but its expected to hit 70m not too many years from now.  By looking at the demographic of people having children we will see that the majority are foreign nationals and ethnic minorities.  As the minority populations grow and start to take ever larger population share, native people will naturally become more and more worried and aggressive.    People naturally want to protect their way of life, and if its under threat people will eventually rise up to prevent it.  We can look to Egypt where there are protests, and much of it is to do with the increasing islamification and imposing of sharia law.    Your suggestions of civil war is not as far fetched as some may think, the more it becomes them vs us, the more likely a spark will start a war.   Many will agree social integration of foreign nationals and ethnic minorities has not been that successful.  Indians cluster within other Indians, muslims with muslims, whites are increasingly moving out of ethnic areas. While we may work together, housing situation shows there are divisions.  As some prominent leaders have said mulitculturalism has failed. Rising groups political and non political such as UKIP, EDL and others across Europe shows the discontent people have for immigration and the immigrants changing and  imposing their culture on the host country.    It is all about integration. If one takes the decision to move, then one should be taking the decision to accept that countries culture. Not move and then try and impose ones own beliefs on others.  If all countries aimed for a multicultural society, all unique cultures will be lost. The different cultures around the globe is what makes this world a great place! Dulling it down will be a major loss for humanity.   I I like to think I can go to Egypt there is X culture, Australia Y culture, Germany Z culture.   There is a balance for everything, but we have clearly long past our balancing point.  Lastly, the guy who wrote the article is missing the point. economy size is not everything, it is the quality of life a country provides. While the Swiss economy is not the biggest, their quality of life is far better than the one here in the UK (I know I lived there).  China has a massive economy, but the average person is very poor.  A stable population with a growing economy is better for the quality of life of its residents, than a growing economy that is being driven by an increase in population.

Nick Name:  What staggering ignorance and stupidity!

alastairsnare: Well, I think you are approaching this from the wrong angle fucofnski. You don't have to read the Daily Mail to realise that there are countless examples of white, native Britons who are absolutely useless but are costing this country a huge amount in terms of resources. Yes, we have seen millions of people from Southern Asia - and more recently, from eastern and southern Europe - relocate here. But these people are largely productive and willing to work for the kind of money that UK employers will pay. I agree there is overpopulation and pressure on services as a result. But the solution is to limit unproductive families from having too many offspring by cutting benefits. The benefits system should be overhauled so that adults over the age of 18 are the only ones entitled for support. There should be no child benefit and things like housing benefit, income support, tax credits, etc should be available only in extraordinary circumstances, e.g. for people with genuine disabilities that really do prevent them from working such as blindness. I would make the benefits system very simple by scrapping the personal allowance for taxation and going to a flat benefits system, simply giving every adult £100 per week whether they are in employment or not, or a millionaire or not. It would be a lot cheaper than the current benefits system and if you've got £100 a week coming in every week you're not going to starve. Those that want a home of their own, rather than living with mum and/or dad, can go out and get a job. If you want a family, well you'll just have to work that bit harder. Aside from the obvious boost to the taxpayer of benefits costing us less, there would be other gains, e.g. no more housing benefit helping to prop up the price of rents, so landlords would be forced to charge less… But don't blame hard-working immigrants!

fucofnski: Could not agree more - not sure why my post reads differently but the last thing I would blame is hard working immigrants - it's lazy, selfish self-indulgent parents who need to be brought under control. Immigration, well controlled and managed, is the key to a strong economy not masses of useless babies! We should be encouraging the best of the world here - but for those who choose to come here for good we should be insisting on a single British culture that unites us all regardless of where we come from. Multiculturalism is divisive and destructive and highlights differences and not commonalities. 

globalise: The world has become vastly more than threefold richer in the last 60 years, with no sign of an end to the number of people (currently numbering in the billions and growing fast) who can be kept in relative luxury compared to all of our great-great-great-grandparents.

EricMurphy:   "The world has become vastly more than threefold richer in the last 60 years" Thanks to technical innovation, not population growth.  Indeed, it is the population growth among poverty stricken people that will soon enough reduce everyone's standard of living dramatically thanks to the simple market economics beloved of Allister Heath. But I suppose Heath sees himself as earning an executive-level wage well above the chicken feed that hoi polloi will be forced to earn.  

roman_column: A certain demographic segment in the UK has a birth rate of 7.8 children per mother and an unemployment rate of 50% for men and 75% for women. Fast forward a generation or two, do the sums, and see how beneficial a baby boom would be.

thebluemax: Mu…m's the word!

rolandrichardson: quite right these bald figures do not deliniate which sectors this boom is in. I know of not one home owning intelligent women being prengant or giving birth in that time.

Caledonian_Comment: Demographic or religious?

EricMurphy:   "A certain demographic segment in the UK has a birth rate of 7.8 children per mother and an unemployment rate of 50% for men and 75% for women. Fast forward a generation or two, do the sums, and see how beneficial a baby boom would be." Quite. As they are unable, as a group, to earn it they will at some point use their numbers to take what they want by force from those who, in any case, are kuffars and therefore somehow "beneath" them. 

cdvision:  Eric:  no need for force, they only need to vote in their own Government.  Thats democracy for what its worth.

$27593494: Roman, your figure of 7.8 is implausible. The paper at link #1 shows an average of 3-4 babies per Pakistani or Bangladeshi mother. Your conclusion is sound though. By 2066 white Britons will be a minority here (link #2). However, since almost 30% of children in primary school today are from ethnic minorities (link #3), the point of no return will come much sooner. In 20-30 years, those now in primary school will be having lots of children themselves. Ethnic 'minorities' will together constititute a majority of those under 25. The white majority will mainly be older people who can no longer have babies and thus can no longer influence the future demographics. It will be too late. This all assumes that immigration policy does not change radically. As long as 80% of the indigenous population keep voting LibLabCon, and thus for their own race replacement, that seems a safe assumption. #1 #2 #3

joy_wilts: Goodgulf - the figure of 7.8 is probably far too low.  Please remember that Muslims can have up to four wives and although they may be Islamic marriages and do not appear on our records, if four wives each have 3-4 babies then you do the maths. Remember too that muslims are very, very religious and have to pray five times a day so cannot possibly work.  Then calculate what this is costing us.

cutpoulationorwealldie: The national census 2011 When asked what their religion was, 39% of persons under 25years of age said:- 'Islam'. Now how did that come about?

$27593494:  I don't believe you, cutpoulation. Please give the reference.

securedgold: Wrong. The current baby boom is fueled by immigrant mothers who come from a demographic that is proven to be workshy. This will not result in a boom.

Nick Name: My child is entering year 1 this september. Out of 60 kids in the year (the biggest ever) there is 1 born to immigrant parents.

securedgold: "Wacist!" That's quite a charge you make there. The burden of proof is on you to prove that I am prejudiced against people on the basis of their race. Come on, liar, let's hear it? As for your point, where do you live? The Outer Hebrides? Certainly not in any major urban area or even market town.