Airbus off to a flyer in air show dog-fight with Boeing

Airbus has landed $23.5bn (£15bn) of potential orders, at list prices, in the opening skirmishes at the Paris Air Show, giving the European plane maker an early lead in its annual dogfight with US rival Boeing.

At a rain-swept Le Bourget air field, the Paris aerospace event marked its 50th anniversary with a slew of orders for the two dominant manufacturers, underlining the health of the commercial aircraft market – not least compared to a defence sector reeling from spending cuts.

goose12345: Rumours are that easyJet will be joining the list of Airbus customers again soon too. Good for Airbus and its supply chain.

jimfrombaltimore: I've done a good deal of flying in my life…including in recent years.About 95% of the flights I've taken have been on Boeing aircraft (747,767,777,737) and most of the rest were on the DC10 and L1011.Only once did I go out of my way to fly Airbus…an Emirates A380 (a nice aircraft to be sure).My basic attitude (except in dire emergencies) is  "if it ain't Boeing,I ain't going.

huahinronnie: It was that attitude that rallied support for the yanks to gang up against Concorde because their own attempt at an SST remains a wooden mock up. The yanks believe that the aviation industry is theirs and theirs only.

jpotter: Like "if the engine says Pratt and Whitney, the seat better say Martin-Baker."

IainRMuir: Are we supposed to be impressed by this, or what?

NakedFlame: An American with next to no experience of a non-American company is rubbishing it in favour of the American one. How can you fail to be impressed by that?

chris_xxxx: Jim, the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner has a BBQ in the back. Next time you fly on one, ask them if they'll cook your burgers for you?

memberofhepublic: Well I just don't like the sidestick business. What if the flying wrist is a bit sore that day? I much prefer Boeing's centre control column. You can pull it back with either hand.

alexe: With respect, you obviously do not know what you are talking about!

flintman:  Yeah, I used to have a car like that.

goose12345: fabulous way of establishing your ignorance

Didier Martins: the history of Boeing 767s is filled with malfunctions and tragédies. i don't understand you.

ibby129: I think the clue's in his name.

britbob: And BAE sold their stake.  Bad decision. Worst business sale since BT sold O2.

LightShaft: And Ford sold Jaguar Land Rover

memberofhepublic: Yes, the men at the top of BAe with pound signs for pupils felt that the bits-and-bobs market would make more money for BAe directors and shareholders than would whole aircraft, and probably it did. The loss of aircraft-making to Britain, a heritage which could be thought of as a national treasure, and thinking about it is all we now can do, could not have been further from their minds. So Britain is now a proud 'second tier supplier'. The BAe Bits and Bobs Company Ltd. Ho hum.

Brigantian: Not selling a stake in an aircraft whose wings fall off would seem to be a bigger mistake.  If I understand the article correctly, Airbus can only sell to a leasing company so they have no real orders either.  Not that cracks in wings or exploding batteries are anything to worry about: it's the shampoo and soft drinks you need to be scared of…

20eric:  Just too bad that  The A380 wings were designed and built in Britain, at facilities in Filton… ‎

chris_xxxx:  Have any wings fallen off an Airbus plane? No. You are referring to cracks in the A380 wings which will be fixed. A lot of airlines lease their planes and do not sell them. For example ILFC: Aeroméxico, Air Canada, Asiana Airlines, Korean Air, Cathay Pacific, Cyprus Airways, Air France-KLM, Lufthansa, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Air India, United Airlines, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Pakistan International Airlines, South African Airways, Emirates, Gulf Air and most recently, Delta Air Lines.

strobes: No… only the tail… same net effect!

IainRMuir: The battery problem was with the Boeing 787. Fool.

huahinronnie:  I must have missed the episode of a wing falling off? When did the batteries explode then?

chris_xxxx:  Nobody got fired though. Funny how that happens at the top? The Peter principle; rise to your level of incompetence. David Cameron has taken it to a new level